WordCamp St Louis 2014 in pictures

The beauty of WordCamps is that everyone get something different out of it. Most of the stuff below wasn’t even in the sessions, but was something I learned or had confirmed by a peer or someone I had met while at the camp. https://twitter.com/patin__/status/439876610255114240 [flickr_set id=”72157641753412364″] Read More

The WordPress Loop Presentation

I am giving the following presentation at WordCamp St Louis this weekend, March 1st, and this is what I’ll be talking on. There are a few links to the resources below. The WordPress Loop Demystified The WordPress loop is only magical until you grasp the moving parts. In this presentation we’ll uncover the gears that Read More

Three simple reasons why I choose WooThemes when I need a pre-made theme

There are many theme repositories out there and some that put out pretty good work. I personally have always liked WooThemes. I remember when they started a while back thinking, “this should be good”, they have always had great design and code with the developer in mind. There are really one a few reasons I Read More

WordPress Class – AppendPostData

In the midst of a current project I needed to get some custom fields for a loop of posts. Over the last few years I’ve always done the same thing, get_post_meta() right in the post loop. Last week I had a thought to filter ‘the_post’. I’m not 100% this is the best idea yet, but Read More

WordCamp St Louis 2012

I had the privilege of being a speaker at the WordCamp St Louis 2012, and I had a great time! The crew that put it on was amazing, well planned and extremely upbeat. From my perspective the WordCamp went on with out any noticeable issues, though I no from experience that it may have only Read More

Responsive Web

Here are a few assets I put together for a mini presentation on responsive web techniques. Some Responsive Web Assets: A few things I’ve found helpful. Resources I’ve dissected for use: These are the assets that I’ve pulled from for an adaptation of responsive html, css & js. html5boilerplate: http://html5boilerplate.com/mobile Less Framework: CSS: http://lessframework.com Modernizr: Read More

WordCamp 2012 April 21 at Watkins College

For the past two months I’ve been working away all my spare time helping to organize Nashville’s first WordCamp. It’s been a huge learning experience for me really, I’ve never coordinated an event before. Our team was put together from a group of dedicated local meetup members and a few very helpful staff members from Read More

Oembed as Post Meta – WordPress Code

I feel as though recently I’m always blabbing to my peers about Oembed. Seems this is a typical thing for me to blab about the latest code I’m working on :p I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but I’m probably like that old man that just keeps repeating the same thing over and over! Read More

has_children() WordPress Function

For the longest time I’ve been waiting from WordPress to build this function, but they seem to be busy building awesome things like Custom Post Types, Menus & other Admin features! Truthfully, I should just write the function myself and submit it! I’ve always been afraid to submit to the core. Anyway, here is a Read More

WP_Query() :: meta_query vs post__in

After hours of sifting through error_logs and watching my terminal as the sql passed by I found my issue. meta_query vs post__in Read More