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@doodlemuppet surprisingly just ate three olives! Way to go! Read More

How to create an easy “Strong” password

Passwords are a pain in the ass, no doubt about it! But what if you used a pattern similar to one you use every day? The email password pattern An email can be broken down into two major parts and then further broken down into two more parts. Reading it sounds hard, but we use Read More

Cool Places I wish I could live

Time to time I see an image of a place I wish I could live. This is one of them for sure! Read More

Crazy dream about the end of the world

We had survived 90% of what we thought was the z-apoc, things had toned down to a merging of people on a central location. Weapons were drying up and not much was left in terms of defense, but they had stopped coming in droves so their was a little breathing room. It happened fast and Read More

How to CoExist with the “Blue Scrubby”

In the past decade I have learned many things. One such knowledge is how to coexist with the “Scotch-Brite scrub sponge”, commonly known as the “Blue Scrubby”. As you can see I’m a huge fan of scrubbies, but it took me a while to figure out how to keep the little guys from turning into Read More

January in Photos 2013

My random photos from January 2013 Read More

December in Photos 2012

My random photos from December 2012 Read More

Box Eye

I was browsing through my drawings this afternoon and saw this one. Sometimes it’s more apparent that my drawing start off as nothing and evolve as they go on, and I this is definitely one of them. I started by drawing a box and then it just started morphing into more. I really like drawing Read More

Collecting Chicken-Rabbits

Here is a little doodle I did the other day while listening to some people chat. I just got a new scanner (used new) so I’m excited to scan all my latest drawings! Read More

Wild Rabbit – Drawing

For some reason I’m always drawing rabbits too. This guy is fun!! Read More