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How to create an easy “Strong” password

How to create an easy “Strong” password

Passwords are a pain in the ass, no doubt about it! But what if you used a pattern similar to one you use every day?

The email password pattern

An email can be broken down into two major parts and then further broken down into two more parts. Reading it sounds hard, but we use it all the time.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

  • {john}.{doe}@{gmail}.{com}
  • {sallyfields}@{hotmail}.{com}

Convert the email into a password

Round 1

  • {j0hN}-{Do3}@{Pmai7}-{c*m}
  • {sA77yfielD$}@{h0tmai!}-{c*M}

Round 2

  • {j0hN-Do3}@{Pmai7-c*m}
  • {sA77yfielD$}@{h0tmai!-c*M}

Round 3

  • j0hN-Do3@Pmai7-c*m
  • sA77yfielD$@h0tmai!-c*M

And there you have a ridiculous looking password that almost looks readable.


These examples are a little over the top hard, but at the same time too easy to spot to the human eye. However the concept is sound. Take the following empty pattern and fill it with an easy password you can remember.


You can also swap out the @ sign or the – for any number of symbols. The pattern is totally flexible while the concept remains the same.

Crazy dream about the end of the world

Crazy dream about the end of the world

We had survived 90% of what we thought was the z-apoc, things had toned down to a merging of people on a central location. Weapons were drying up and not much was left in terms of defense, but they had stopped coming in droves so their was a little breathing room.

It happened fast and it was less of what we feared and more of what we didn’t know or expect. He came with his team, a crew or perhaps just what he had accumulated or created. He opened or hole in the middle of grand ballroom as if there was a small tunnel that connected directly to the center of space. Instantly all the air in the building, or what seemed like the building started to rush out like a scene from a movie. This was a dream so even more so, I was swept up off my feet and hurdled toward an unknown void. I caught the rim of the role with my hands realizing that it wasn’t so much the intention to suck all the air out as it was just making a connection. As I held on I felt the draw lessen and came back down to my feet.

I ran, not in terror or fear but what seemed liked instinct. I made a partner who seemed to be on top of her game, someone who seemed to know how to carry herself despite the odd rule this man brought down.

We made our move one night at the front gate as a team returned. We were pretending to be picking up guns and other weapons left over from the death.

A large monsters appeared as if they it was a building that had been taken over by an organic compound with the ability to utilize any matter to mold it’s being. Shape didn’t matter. It would sprout appendages and it would begin to move.

That’s when I realized that the this man did not just open a hole, but some something more. Did something come through, or perhaps the hole was a final connection of what had already¬†arrived¬† I mean shit we had just seen the fall of the human race, we thought it was over, but somethings else was just beginning.

More bullets of the story:

  • Refusing to be captured
  • Conversion of people to monsters
  • Running
  • Finding temporary shelter
  • They can’t always tell that your their if hide well enough
  • Still finding zombies here and there
  • Found an old furniture store where we met an old lady I thought was a zombie was just an old lady
How to CoExist with the “Blue Scrubby”

How to CoExist with the “Blue Scrubby”

In the past decade I have learned many things. One such knowledge is how to coexist with the “Scotch-Brite scrub sponge”, commonly known as the “Blue Scrubby”. As you can see I’m a huge fan of scrubbies, but it took me a while to figure out how to keep the little guys from turning into rotten little stinkers. (which can sometimes happen almost instantly)

Scrubbies are often the bastard child of the cleaning crew that get abused and used where others would be out of place. Or rather you might find it’s disposable counter part the infamous paper towel. In my experience I would say that my scrubbies will last on average about 3 to 4 months.


The Requirement

There are a few base requirements for this symbiosis to continue into the far reaching future, or even the near future be it short lived.

  1. 3 to 4 new scrubbies.
  2. Kitchen Spray Set. You absolutely need to have a one of these! With out one of these you’ll probably need to keep 7 scrubbies on hand to make it through the week.
  3. Weekly access to a washer and dryer.


The Process

There is a process to make all of this work. If you don’t follow the process then you’ll probably need to keep 10-12 scrubbies on hand and that’s just to many.

  1. Spray the shit out of your scrubby after every use.
  2. Spray the scrubby-side with the kitchen spray set on full-blast, hot water is recommended. Do this until all the grim, soap and other stuff is gone or until it’s as good as it can be. There are ways to do this with out spraying water ever where you’ll have to figure that one out for yourself.
  3. Squeeze it dry like you’re killing it.
  4. Set the scrubby on edge to dry. Putting it on edge to dry is supper important, this will actually allow it to dry rather than sit in what little water remains.
  5. Does the scrubby need to be cleaned? At some point there is no amount of spraying and squeezing that will help, it just needs to be cleaned.
  6. Clean all the dirty scrubbies every week. Yep ever friggen week, otherwise this is all a waste.

The Rules

  • Spray and squeeze after each use.
  • If the scrubby is left in the sink for more than a few hours or found abandoned in the sink wallowing in it’s own mess it needs to be cleaned.
  • Always leave a wet scrubby setting on it’s edge.
  • 90% of the time a scrubby is considered dirty after washing a pot or pan that has been used to fry food.
  • When the scrubby is dirty it goes in the dirty scrubby bag under the sink.
  • Never use the scrubby to with “cleaner” that has chemicals, only use it with dish soap.
  • If a scrubby is ever used to mop up something outside the boundaries of the kitchen sink you should consider weather or not it should ever be used in the sink again.
  • When the scrubby is “done done”, it gets put into laundry room to be used for real dirty jobs and passed to trash.
  • Never wash the scrubby with your clothes. Only wash the scrubbies with other scrubbies or kitchen dishcloths.


Treat your scrubbies like a dishcloth. As we all know scrubbies tend to get used and discarded in the kitchen sink as though they will miraculously shed the crime they’ve cleaned and then dry as if they’re magical. Again, we all know this is not true. They have the uncanny ability to retain nothing more than a stench of rancid fish with little more than one use. While on the other hand a dishcloth is rinsed and set to dry in almost an automatic fashion, as if it was engrained in our dna. In short, rinse your scrubbies, ring them out and set them to dry just as you lovingly do to the least of your dishcloths.