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Interviews I did for WordCamp Nashville in 2014 & 2016

Two interviews that I did with Clark Buckner for WordCamp Nashville. Read More

June in Photos 2016

My random pic from May 2016. View on Flick » Read More

May in Photos 2016

My random pic from May 2016. View on Flick » Read More

WordCamp US Plans

I’m planning my trip to WordCamp US and am wondering if anyone is planning the same. I figured I would share my plan incase anyone else is looking to team up or run a similar schedule. If you’re interested connect with me on the Nashville Slack group. General Details Philadelphia, PA | Dec. 2nd-4th, Read More

Time Sheets

With out a doubt the most important piece of my daily workflow is keeping time. I feel like most poeple believe it’s important, but most people just don’t get it right and just give up. The keys Keep it simple to start Don’t get wrapped up in time tracking apps and tools use a spreadsheet Read More

Cutting Boards

About 7 years ago I realized that my computer was sitting on my lap for 4-6hrs a day. I could feel the heat digging into my legs, and it was hot! This was also around that time when mac batteries were exploding. It never happened to me, but it could have. In a scramble to Read More

Coffee Time

Coffee is great, that is if you’re a coffee drinker. I am a coffee drinker and will probably be one until my doctor tells me to stop. Why talk about coffee? Because 90% of people I’ve spoke with, who drink coffee, don’t have any boundaries for it and they inevitably find themselves an oatmeal stupor. Read More

Micro movements!

I have this thought at least 20 times a day. Slow, micro movements are the way to go on this one. It’s going to take you 30min no matter how fast you try to move. It’s better if you figure out all the tiny movements it will take to complete one larger movement. Rinse and Read More

April in Photos 2016

My random pic from April 2016. View on Flick » Read More

Hello world!

Hello world, lets get this started! I’m really excited to work on the grind of posts. There are a handful of easy items work related that I’d love to talk about so here we go. I hope you enjoy! Read More