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Coffee is great, that is if you’re a coffee drinker. I am a coffee drinker and will probably be one until my doctor tells me to stop. Why talk about coffee? Because 90% of people I’ve spoke with, who drink coffee, don’t have any boundaries for it and they inevitably find themselves an oatmeal stupor. ps, I actually do these things 🙂

1) No more than 2 cups per/day! 12oz preferred, 16oz max

What? Yes, that’s right only 2 per/day. “But I drink 4 cups a day”, you’re crazy and your body is pissed at you even if your brain says otherwise. You might need more sleep.

2) A cup of coffee can not be sipped from for more than 1hr

That’s right, you can not nurse a cup of coffee from 7am to 10am only to realize you still haven’t eaten breakfast. Your hangry coffee induced email rate will go down 50%.

3) Have one cup in the morning and one in the afternoon

You have to space it out or you’ll never make it. Don’t drink both cups before 9am, you’ll never make it. Plus now you’ll feel like you’ve earned your afternoon coffee and a mini break.

Edge cases

There are a million edge cases and this isn’t about that one-off coffee. This is about that perfect day at work turning in to a spiraling mess because you’ve consumed your entire stock of espresso. What are edge cases? Kids, puppies, ill-timed 11am meetings, no sleep nights because of stupid pieces of chicken.