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Responsive Web

Responsive Web

Here are a few assets I put together for a mini presentation on responsive web techniques.

Some Responsive Web Assets:

A few things I’ve found helpful.

Resources I’ve dissected for use:
These are the assets that I’ve pulled from for an adaptation of responsive html, css & js.

I’ve looked at these, but have not implemented them.

May in Photos 2012

May in Photos 2012

Here are my random pics from Arpil 2012! :p Not much this month, it’s odd I didn’t even notice that I wasn’t taking photos, that means I need more pics of random things in my life 🙂

A cool bug ive not seen befor
Battle in the pirate cave
Sailing out to sea
My new plant lemon balm
Stickman bug
Stickman bug gets strangled
Stickman bug gets armor
Twilight Imperium
Sunny Rain
Tiny rainbow
Nasty spider
Talisman The Gladiator
Talisman Game night
World Vision
Music Corner Nashville
Music Corner Nashville
Not for me
Need this for winter riding
I want this for my scooter