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Box Eye

Box Eye

I was browsing through my drawings this afternoon and saw this one. Sometimes it’s more apparent that my drawing start off as nothing and evolve as they go on, and I this is definitely one of them.

I started by drawing a box and then it just started morphing into more. I really like drawing little odd characters that seem like they are stuck in a fishbowl.

October in Photos 2011

October in Photos 2011

This month ended with me getting a new phone so I was really excited about better picture quality and a faster camera. My old phone was so slow that the camera wouldn’t even open. So you can expect a lot more useless pictures in the next couple of months.

Ken working at ESpaces
Bob hiding in the silloet
Dice Castle
My font yard
UglyMugs Coffee & Battle Royal
The scooter
Everyone needs a white board
Magnetic poetry
Downtown Nashville
WordPress Nashville Meetup
WordPress Nashville Meetup group
Ross talking at the WordPress Nashville Meetup
Josh's Bike almost ready to paint
Trigun Vol3
My front yard
Nashville clouds
An ok tetris score Tetris
Mac screen conectors
My shadow
More Nashville
ATT Building
Nashville BarCamp 2010
The Castle
Silly face on the white board
Spaghetti in the fridge
Preparing for Twilight Imperium
Twilight Imperium and the hookah
Kevin and Josh plotting - Twilight Imperium
Lilly and Margarot sleeping
Dickerson and Cleavland - Nashville
Nashville sunrise
Working on some site specs
Brain Storming
My front yard again
the man and his robot
Autom Trees
The tree in front of my house
My growing Manga collection
Computer screens dont to retro
Front Porch
My Back Yard on a foggy morning
My car on a the morning
Coffee at UglyMugs
Carrot Eye
Bicentennial Park Nashville
Bicentennial Park Nashville
The Parthenon Nashville
Westend Nashville
coffee at uglymugs