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Every now and then I get to work on a project that I’m supper excited about, and JellyTelly worked it’s way to the top in heartbeat! Smooth, Clean and Easy! I’ve never had something with this much depth be made so simple.

If you have kids and don’t mind messy fingers touching your keyboard, screen and touchpad then you’re in luck! You should definitely go and check out some of the videos, games, crafts and their blog.

A Little Techno Babble

The site is built using WordPress as it’s CMS, but shares 80% of it’s content from Ooyala. Phase one of the site uses the Ooyala Backlot API to import all videos directly into a custom post type that parses out all the metadata into custom fields. Techno babble yes, but awesome! Nightly updates keep the content meta fresh and the video’s up to date.

Phase one of the site is a one way transaction between Ooyala and WordPress, simply importing video and publishing all it’s content. Phase two prospects two-way publishing, allowing WordPress to utilize the Ooyala Backlot API so the admin will be able to manage post meta on either platform. More techno babble yes, but still awesome!

Another aspect of this project is the ajax that is being used. I wouldn’t say we are doing anything above and beyond other development I’ve seen, but through this project we streamlined a functionality that has major potential for browsing post type content.