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Roujin Z

Roujin Z

I’ve been on the hunt this last month to find some new quality anime to watch and I happened across this masterpiece Roujin Z. This was the first full length anime I watched. I liked it so much back then I had it on tape! It’s a story about an old man who is put into a mechanical bed that takes care of all his needs.

The story in general covers a lot ideas about our generation and how we tend to leave the elderly behind. I loved it, and it has that weird sense of dark mecha that I like.

Oh, and if you’re looking for something to watch check out Time of Eve. This is a great movie, awesome story, amazing animation and funny too! Subtitles though, which has a tendency to be better in most cases.

Web Hosting for WordPress

Web Hosting for WordPress

Over the last 3 years I’ve been all over the map for hosting, and have seen quite a bit. However there are a few that I really want to check out but haven’t been able to yet. MediaTemple and Rackspace are two I really want try. I’ve been asked a number of times who I recommend or who I use and so I thought I would put it here for those of you who may be looking.

You’re definitely using WordPress, but hosting is confusing?

The easiest and quickest answer is to see who WordPress recommends. Check out their list of recommended hosting companies. This site is hosted with BlueHost. I have a basic account that allows me to host unlimited sites, domain names and a variety of other cool things. However the BlueHost basic account is shared hosting which can mean slow load time every now and then.

Side Note: If you’re thinking about Godaddy hosting right now, please stop and take an about-face in the other direction. Godaddy is good for domain names, after you’ve figured out the admin, but they are not a hosting company on pare with the vast majority of comparable alternatives. The only time you’ll ever hear Godaddy and WordPress in the same sentence is when a sad face is at the end of that sentence 🙁 Plain and simple, your going to have more questions about things not working than you will have questions about doing cool things with your hosting.

Ok, No Godaddy. Then what?

Apart from the list of WordPress suggestions, the sign of a good hosting company is there customer service and their control panel. The majority of WordPress users do not need anything more than your basic shared hosting plan. Typically you’re looking at $10 to $15 a month maybe $7. If that’s to much for you than maybe you can find a friend to split it with. The vast majority of hosting companies I’ve dealt with have been dedicated servers, random companies that started in the 90’s and have never updated and a handfull of companies that are actually up to date with today web.

  • Hostgator
  • BlueHost
  • Dream Host
  • Network Solutions
  • Host Monster

Hosting Admin

One of the biggest tasks you will ever face when having your own host is using the admin for your hosting account. Some hosting companies have their own custom control panel and some will use a WebHost Manager type control panel. My favorite is cPanel. Widely used amongst affordable shared hosting cPanel offers the easiest web interface to manage your account. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of other very usable and reliable systems out there, I just think cPanel is the easiest.

Never Let Me Down!

My personal preference for hosting is HostGator. Great support, cPanel, WHM and a slew of pricing options. The only reason I’m still with BlueHost is because I’m to lazy to move all of my friends sites that are sitting on this account. Hostgator is scalable for many different uses, but I feel like it’s the best option for a first time user.

The One Click Install!

If you’re new to the this hosting thing and are a little worried about getting WordPress installed, rest assured there is a thing call “One Click Install”. It’s really that easy, and if you can’t find that click call support, that’s what they’re for.