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Nashville to Massachusetts

Nashville to Massachusetts

So this year I’ve decided to visit the family members that live on the more eastern side of the states. Why wouldn’t I right! When else will I ever have the need to go to Mass. and get to see all the cool things along the way? Apparently though I’ve lived a somewhat geographically sheltered life. I was completely surprised by the idea that it’s going to take me 18hrs to get to Mass.

Coming fromt he West Coast I just never thought about driving from Seattle to Sacrament, “why would you do that? I’d fly.” Here I am thinking that driving to Mass would be sweat, but it means two days of car time!

I’m ok with 2 day of car time because I’ve never drivin around on this side of the states. The west coast is kind of my territory so I’ve been to all the important places at least once. I need to get my feet wet on the more historical side of the states.

Here is my plan