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Places I’ve lived the longest!

The other day I was driving from Florida to Tennessee and I was thinking about how long I’ve been in Tennessee. Turns out I’m on the longest consistent strech in one location other than my home town. Check this out Arcata CA – 22 Months Portland OR – 21 Months Nashville TN – 25 Months Read More

Parent Theme VC

Prepended update 10-17-11 v3.5.3 https://github.com/vc27/ParentTheme_VC Original Post For the last 3yrs I’ve been working on a single theme framework I call ParentTheme_VC. I completed my last update at version 3.4.3 and am now at the level where I can truly use my theme as a framework. I recently updated this site using my latest version Read More

October In Photos 2010

Here are some of my random pics from October of 2010!!! Hope you enjoy 🙂 Read More