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Does My Scooter Need Insurance?

Does My Scooter Need Insurance?

So the questions is what do I need by law to be on the road with my scooter? Honestly a common sense person would tell you that you’re going to need the usual stuff, but hey I’m not your usual person. I spent the last two years under the radar thinking by 50cc Honda Ruckus didn’t need insurance & registration. HA!! That is now some what laughable and believe me I have laughed at myself quite a bit for thinking thinking it was true.

Yesterday, 7-29-10 I was pulled over twice for the expired tags. The first officer gave me a citation to fix all I needed to fix, and was willing to let me head back home with little scooter. Weeelll, I did but later that same day had a meeting across town and thought, “hey, I just got my first ticket in two years so what are the chances!”. HA!!! The chance was pretty high, apparently I was destined to have my scooter put into the system. I was pulled over about 5min from my house by a motorcycle cop.

This time there wasn’t as much sympathy for the situation. The cop was a nice guy, but he said he wasn’t going to let me slide and proceeded to have my scooter taken to the impound. He did however give me a tip, that if I was to get my scooter out of the impound with in 2hrs of it’s arrival I would save $200. (for what ever reason the price on an impound, at this place, goes up $200 after the first 2hrs, weird.)

So what did I do?

I decided that it was best to spend a little cash on a U-Haul than wait and spend even more cash on the impound. Not to mention all the hassle of finding a truck that can haul the scooter. In the end I spent about $50 on U-Haul and about $100 on the impound. Yeah that sucks, and makes me some what of a dumbass for not taking care of business sooner, but I seem to learn the hard way a lot of the time.

What’s the point?

Now you know, your 50cc scooter needs Insurance & Registration.