2010 04

VC WordPress Theming

I’ve been developing with WordPress for about 2.5 yrs and this morning I really wanted to write something about all the work that I do, but am realizing that I just don’t know what to say with out writing a freaking book on the DevTime of WordPress. Not to mention there are so many people Read More

My Recent Work

I’ve been on the keyboard for the last 3.5 months and it’s been quite a crazy time. So far 2010 has been more busy then I ever expected. My recent work has been expanding my theme by leaps and bounds. It’s odd that every site I build kills all the previous ones. (it’s almost time Read More

March In Photos 2010

Here are more totally random pics from March 2010. Hope you enjoy, I think I’m back on track here! Read More

February In Photos 2010

Here are some totally random pics from February 2010. I hope you enjoy. I know this is a little behind along with the January ones but oh well 🙂 Read More

January In Photos 2010

Here are some of my totally random photos from January 2010. I know I’m running quite a bit late on this, but hey better late than never! 🙂 Read More