2010 01

Nashville Snow

It finally snowed in Nashville while I was in town!!! It seems as though every time it would snow I would randomly be out of town, as if I leave town on a regular basis. Not to mention it doesn’t snow that much here. All the same here are a few shots! There will be Read More

I am an “Official Nashvillian”

This last week I officialy moved into my new place in Nashville and that makes me an “Official Nashvillian”!!! Sarah and I got a place on the East side of Nashville in a nice two bedroom house, and we’ve been filling it up with all our little things. So far so good, and the neighbor Read More

A little Auburn For You

Just a few pics from the home town 🙂 Read More

Auburn Bikers

Sarah and I made it to Auburn Ca and we’ve decided to go Biker!!! We just couldn’t help ourselves when we saw these bikes. Read More

Tennessee to California

Sarah and I are going to California for a week!! She gets to me my family and all that goes with it!!! This should be interesting 🙂 Read More

Google Sync over MobileMe

Let me just start off by saying that I’ve been a loyal MobileMe (.mac) user since 2001. I’m not any kind of guru, but I’ve been around long enough to notice that my MobileMe account really hasn’t been worth the $100 it used to be. [clear] Google Sync has been out for quite a while Read More

December In Photos 2009

Here are some not so random photos from December 2009!! 🙂 Read More