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Nashville Snow

It finally snowed in Nashville while I was in town!!! It seems as though every time it would snow I would randomly be out of town, as if I leave town on a regular basis. Not to mention it doesn’t snow that much here. All the same here are a few shots! There will be more to come.

Nashville snow


Nashville bridge

I am an “Official Nashvillian”

This last week I officialy moved into my new place in Nashville and that makes me an “Official Nashvillian”!!! Sarah and I got a place on the East side of Nashville in a nice two bedroom house, and we’ve been filling it up with all our little things.

So far so good, and the neighbor hood isn’t to bad either,,, although last night there was a strange guy on the sidewalk with a podium and some speakers preaching to the streets of nobody. We could hear him from 10 blocks away, and at first we thought there was a party down the street. Later we found that it really was just some crazy dude and some speakers and a light standing on the side of the street. Why?

Here are a few pics of our move 🙂 Hope you enjoy!!!

Sarah packing and me eating nerds

Moving Day

Sarah Setting up her books

Nerds are so good

Taking the bed to the house

Out back yard

Sarah at the store looking cute

Bubbles crawling on the floor

And yes Bubbles helped up bring stuff too. 🙂