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My Real Pet Mouse – Ralph

This is Ralph my mouse, it’s actually a girl but I like Ralph for a name so I’m sticking with it. So far Ralph and I haven’t had a chance to fully hang out. I plan to get her familiar enough with me so that she’ll hand out in my jacket, but I’ve heard that mice don’t like to do that… We’ll see, I’m going to give it a shot anyway!!!

Ralph my mouse

Bubbles is also kind of excited about meeting Ralph, but she hasn’t made up her mind yet. So far so good, and no major problems between the two!!

Ralph and Bubbles

WOW!!! 2009 is going away.

So here we are with 2009 coming to a close and so much has happened. I’ll save the recap for January 1st, cause I don’t want to miss anything from now till then. Over the last month or so Sarah and I have been planning our wedding!! Things have been really crazy, who would have thought that planning a wedding would be hard… (i suppose thats why they have wedding planners and all that crap, movies about it and things like bridezilla and what ever) I’d have to say that we are in a good spot though. We’ve got our Venue, Concept, Invitations and Final count all ready.

I guess we still need quite a bit of other things, but I’d say we’re about half way through. (well, maybe not half way, but getting there.)

We did however launch a website for ourselves so that we can post a bunch of stuff as things go on. I know it’s not like we need another thing to have to keep track of, but hey it’s what I do 🙂 You should check it out! It’s really simple and clean. You can see our registries, read a little about us and send us a message if you want. So head over to and drop us a line if you have any suggestions about weddings. We’d love to hear some insights.

Here is a random pic to liven it up!!!

Oh yeah, and I did a little revamp on the site, you may not notice any real changes, but updated to my latest theme framework!!! WP is awesome 🙂