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Trying Something New – Drupal

drupalSo here I am tearing into Drupal. Well kinda tearing into it. Drupal doesn’t seem to need so much tearing as it seems to come with a lot of abilities. I’ve spent the last two years building with WordPress and love it so I figured I should venture on to more so that I have a broader range of the CMS concept.

So far I like it! Modules, Blocks and User levels that put a new spin on my idea of structure. I’ve also gained a new appreciation for the easy of WordPress! It seems like talking to the WP DB has been made really simple, I can only hope Drupal has made it the same.

The biggest appeal to Drupal has been the easy options associated with the user levels, and making subscribed content easy to manage with out having to code everything from scratch. At least it appears that way. Perhaps by the time I’m done with Drupal I’ll have made some needed improvements to my WP theme and subscription based content will become a snap.

So here is to trying something new!!!