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My Recent Work

Over the last few months I’ve worked on over a dozen sites. I’m not exactly sure how I even got everything done, but it’s been a great experience and my Core Theme has developed exponentially.

Here is a list of my works and their launch dates.
keep in mind I didn’t design these sites.

So as you can see, with out a doubt things have been crazy busy for me!! While all this time I got engaged to Sarah as well!!!

Sarah and I bought a Subaru Outback!!!

Sarah and Our Subaru

Sarah and I have been hitting it hard for the last 2 weeks looking at all the options and checking out tons of cars. We found this little gem hidden at Dixie Motors in Nashville.

Here are the specs:
Mileage: 96,000
Transmission: 5 Spd Automatic
Engine: 2.5L H4 PFI DOHC 16V Gasoline

I’m really excited about this car. I’ve only bought one other car that was more than just a beater and it was a nice truck. It’s just to bad it got smashed into a guard-rail.

I’m Getting Married

Well if you didn’t know by now last week on Friday September the 25th I proposed to Sarah Sanfino on edge of Elliot Bay after walking through the Sculpture Garden. It was really awesome!!! She said yes and proceeded to try and take a ton of pictures in the dark of the ring… Eventually we made it to the bus where we had some good light 🙂

Seattle Bay Our feet Sarah standing in front of the space needle Sarah and her ring Sarah and I

Sarah and I met some time in a April at a coffee shop after church. I used to go to the Frisky Berry and do a little bit of work while having a little some coffee. One day a girl came in and needed to share the outlet that I was using. I recognized her from another coffee shop that I would go to from time to time so I sparked up a little random conversation about that, but we quickly dropped back into our digital worlds.

Before I left the coffee shop I made sure to have a little conversation about something random, but wasnt able to close very well and in the end just said, “I’ll see you around”…. Lame!!! It was about a week or two later that I went into her coffee shop, hoping to see her and there she was. I ordered French Press and then just sat there with my face in my computer for the next hour… She even took her break and sat next to me but I just didn’t know what to say. In the end I started a conversation with her before I left, but just the same I couldn’t get any real words to come out.

The next day was sunday and I was at the Frisky Berry having my coffee when the shop owner Rich asked me my name and told me that a Sarah had called asking if I was there and proceeded to tell him to let me know I should stay there cause she was going to be there in a little bit. So I hung out and we met up and finally had a real talk and exchanged numbers and all that good stuff.

Seattle Balloon Animal Fail Beautiful Sarah Sarah and her icecream Sitting on the plane

From that day on we kinda fumbled through all the good stuff, which I’ll save for another time. At this point we really don’t have any official date, but we’re not going to wait too long. I’ll keep you all up on the progress as things come through.