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Chattanooga Win/Fail!!!

Yesterday Sarah and I went to UTC in Chattanooga TN to see her sis for her first weekend at college. Here’s how it went and how it ranked on the “Fail Scale”

The Win/Fail Scale

  1. Win! – Start Laundry
  2. Win! – Eat French Toast her mom made us.
  3. Win! – Go to Target for Coffee Grinder (house warming present) and got some random Ribons for me.
    (thought it would be cool to scan for web design)
  4. Win? Fail? – Drive to Chattanooga, 3 bathroom stop, too much water…
  5. Win! – Find UTC
  6. Fail! – Find the Dorm.
    (We suck at getting directions before leaving… )
  7. Win! – Eat Lunch at Jimmy Johns.
    (there sandwiches are really good, and freaking huge!!! )
  8. Fail! – Get directions to the River.
    (apparently its really hard to use google maps on an iPhone when using safari… I know there’s a Google Maps App… )
  9. Fail! – Get down to the river.
    (missed the entrance & had to pull a u-turn on a narrow one lane road… )
  10. Fail! – Double check the River was full of water…
    (The river was more like a stream with baby pools of water… next time were going to go up river more!!! )
  11. Win! – Get Ashley’s Printer to Work!
  12. Fail! – Find an open coffee shop…
    (Apparently no cool coffee shops are open on sunday in Chattanooga… only S-Bucks… )
  13. Fail!Got S-Bucks…
  14. Win!Watch a sun set!!!
  15. Win!HomeMade Stir Fry!!!

August Sunset

Nashville to Chattanooga:

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Chattanooga to Bowater Swimming Hole:

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