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What Happens to Old iPhones? Does Anyone Really Know?

Monster_iPhone_sml.pngThis morning I went to the apple store and ended up walking out with a new 3g model. The story goes, I got an iPhone, Apple updated to 3.0, My iPhone WiFi broke, Apple gave me a new phone…

Here’s how it went at the Store… in short

apple_rainbow_16.png You’re going to need a new phone
vc27_combo_16.png Well that sucks!
apple_rainbow_16.png Why? Are you not under warranty?
vc27_combo_16.png No, It’s just, Where to the old Phones Go?
apple_rainbow_16.png ummm
vc27_combo_16.png I mean, do they open them up and work on them? You know, does anyone actually fix them? Or is there just a huge trash can of old phones? Or do they just take all the old phone and throw them into a canyon?
apple_rainbow_16.png You know I”m not really sure… But I’m going to go and swap this one out and throw the old one into the canyon.

Sometime I wonder if Steve Jobs has all the old iPhone at his house running around like herds of cattle. As if he has some special OS that give them an AI so that they can all hang out. Like a Tachikoma!!!

All the same, I really think that as the Technological age Progresses we really should be making products that are reusable. We should be thinking of way to minimize new waste. Maybe its just a pipe dream, but I think we should at-least try!!