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Working & a New Chair

So over the last week or two I’ve been working like a mad man on various projects. I just recently had to give up my plastic chair from my office, due to my landlord wanting it back… So I took the oportunity to go out and get my self a well deserved office chair that I proud to call my own!!!

My sweet chair I don’t remember the brand off hand, but I got a great deal on it something like 45% off. So now I’m anxious to get back to my chair, ( i am not in my chair right now) and break it in.

VisualComa Construction – Week 8

Week 8 -> Latest Work

This weekend I decided to focus on my “Latest Work” portion of the site. I found a little bit of jQuery specifically called “jFlow” that I thought would be cool to use. So, I created a special loop based on Parent Child Pages and one for Categories and I’m in the process of working out the details and styling.

Check it out.

Anyway there is still much to do, and I’m thinking about adding a jQuery slider that will grab a Custom Field for selecting projects. I’m really going to give this one a go, I think with a little patients and planning this could be a great little plugin for Featured Content.

The Rules:
Every week on Saturday I’m going to spend about 5hrs or so Making an update. Weather it’s a Visual or Functional UpDate I’ll be posting the change here every Monday under this Cateogory VC-Construction.

Hand Drawn T-Shirts

This is my first round draft of my Hand Drawn T-Shirts, its called “Random Robots”.

I’ve still got some work to do on this one. People keep telling me it looks like I’ve got mustard on my shirt, “Slap to the back of their head” I say!!!! “Its the fracking sun” gees!!!

All the same, my drawings of robots has became quite an obsession. I tend to go in and out of phases with my drawings.

I’ve always wanted a t-shirt company, maybe i’ll call it…
“VisualComa T-Shirt Company”

Web Wednesday :: Facebook Connect

facebook_wiki_logo.png I’ve decided that I’m going to figure out this Facebook Connect thing that seems to be gaining ground. I feel a little late to the party on this one, but better late than never.

At any rate I’ve installed the Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin and I’m giving it a go. It’s not integrated into my comments because I’m using Intense Debate, but from what I’ve read I’ll have it soon.

I’ll admit I don’t know much about Facebook Connect, but I’m determined to figure out how to fully integrate it so that everyone I work with can start to benefit from there Facebook Friends. (in a way i feel bad for myspace cause they are falling so far behind so fast, but really I’ll pull the trigger if you give the shotgun…)

So if any of you out there have some hot tips feel free to drop them off, and I’ll be sure to check back with all that I find.