2009 05

Good Mac Apps

Over the last week I’ve been noticing a few slowdowns on my computer so this weekend I decided to take inventory on all my Installed Apps and do a back up of all the data in prep for reformatting my HD. Every year I’ll do this, where I swip my computer blank sending it back Read More

Web Wednesday :: Captain FTP

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Web Wednesday, but I received an email this morning from the Support team of the FTP Application, Captain FTP. About a month ago I submitted a ticket about their app and possible bug. Nothing to be concerned about, but I thought I’d drop them a line Read More

VisualComa Construction – Week 7

Week 7 -> FrameWork WrapUp / Functionality Check This week I focused on a particular function I’ve been working on for a couple of months. Last Friday something clicked and I figured out what I was missing. I now have an arbitrary Widget with about 30 options that will allow me to place any “Page” Read More

Seven Oaks Park

In the last 3 months I probably spent half my life online typing odd code to make websites work so people can be social. Every now and then I get the energy to pack it in and head up to Seven Oaks Park in Nashville and throw some Disc Golf. So far since I’ve been Read More

Harnold the Turtle

I was on my way to work this morning, just scooting along down the road. I usually dodge as much debris as I can being that I’m on the scooter. This morning I came across this little guy, I almost smashed him but swerved at the last minute. I call him Harnold, I picked him Read More

VisualComa Construction – Week 6

Week 6 -> PSD Cut / FrameWork Stage 2 This weekend was a huge step for the general look and feel for this Theme. Where as last week I left everything at a very blank spot, this week has made a vast improvement on the visual aesthetics of the posting section, the sidebar and the Read More

VisualComa Construction – Week 5

Week 5 -> PSD Cut / FrameWork Stage 1 This weekend I took the comp you see below and worked it into my frame work. I kept the development to a minimum that I’ve listed below. So if your wondering why things may feel a little in shambles that is why. Technically the Theme is Read More

Happy Mother Day

Happy Mothers Day!!! I hope you enjoy some of my shinanigans that I’ve been up to since I’ve been in Tenn. There were no accidents in the filming of this video… promise 🙂 Read More

VisualComa Construction – Week 4

Week 4 -> Design Round 2 Round 2 was a little touchy and more focused on miniscule details that I might be the only person will ever notice. From R1 to R2 Completed the Navigation Tweaked the header on the top right. Softened the effect on the title “VisualComa” (all though it needs to be Read More

April In Photos 2009

I hope you enjoy some of these totally random pics from April. Read More