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Good Mac Apps

Over the last week I’ve been noticing a few slowdowns on my computer so this weekend I decided to take inventory on all my Installed Apps and do a back up of all the data in prep for reformatting my HD. Every year I’ll do this, where I swip my computer blank sending it back to 0, and then re-installing all my apps and putting my files back on. ( this way I’ll always be sure that I’ve only got the things that I want on my computer )

So here is the list of apps I’ve decided to keep. Most of these I use on a fairly regular basis, but some are there more for connivence.

Here is a pdf if you want. Apps List

Web Wednesday :: Captain FTP

CFtp60.pngIt’s been a little while since I’ve done a Web Wednesday, but I received an email this morning from the Support team of the FTP Application, Captain FTP. About a month ago I submitted a ticket about their app and possible bug. Nothing to be concerned about, but I thought I’d drop them a line anyway.

They sent me a message saying, “Can you please let me know if this is still a problem in the new version.” They also put in a link to the latest Version. This is an example of Great PR, and because of it I’ll probably continue to support them. not to mention I’ve come to like their app!

So this is my Recommended FTP Application, Captain FTP. Don’t let the name fool you it’s a great app. And, for all you people out there who just need to upload or download some files this will suit your needs with out confusing you.


VisualComa Construction – Week 7

Week 7 -> FrameWork WrapUp / Functionality Check

This week I focused on a particular function I’ve been working on for a couple of months. Last Friday something clicked and I figured out what I was missing.

I now have an arbitrary Widget with about 30 options that will allow me to place any “Page” or set of Category “Posts” into a Widgetized area. Options include most basic loop items, with fields for standard WP customizations. There is also one main admin option (still under development) so that I can swap out loop variations with out altering the core plugin files.

The purpose of this is to be able to place content, as you see in my current sidebar, by using pages to manage the content. the sidebar item “Skorinc” is an example. I developed it as a Plugin, but it is based on my Theme framework and will not work with any other theme. Perhaps in the future I’ll release a public version, but there is still much development to improve on so I’ll keep for now.

The Rules:
Every week on Saturday I’m going to spend about 5hrs or so Making an update. Weather it’s a Visual or Functional UpDate I’ll be posting the change here every Monday under this Cateogory VC-Construction.

Seven Oaks Park

In the last 3 months I probably spent half my life online typing odd code to make websites work so people can be social. Every now and then I get the energy to pack it in and head up to Seven Oaks Park in Nashville and throw some Disc Golf.

So far since I’ve been here in Tennessee, Seven Oaks Park is the best Nashville Disc around. You’ve got all types of holes to shoot. From the tight and narrow hole 5 to the wide open hole 18 there are plenty of cool shots and crappy trees. Not to mention there are 3 extra holes hidden just after hole 6. Not many people play them, but I think they are awesome.

The Seven Oaks Disc Course has all Concrete Pads, Full Baskets and Benches with trash cans at every hole. I give it 5 stars!!!

Seven Oaks Park

Harnold the Turtle

I was on my way to work this morning, just scooting along down the road. I usually dodge as much debris as I can being that I’m on the scooter. This morning I came across this little guy, I almost smashed him but swerved at the last minute.

I call him Harnold, I picked him up and put him in a nice patch of green bushes. I hope to see him again, but hopefully not in the road.

Harnold the Turtle