2009 04

VisualComa Construction – Week 3

Week 3 -> rlh_options.php Originally this week was supposed to be Design Round 2, but as I got into my time for Project Construction I found myself wishing for a more streamlined admin area. I have about a dozen small options that are managed through the admin, but I’ve been throwing them together over the Read More

How To Brew Coffee

In lieu of my latest creation,The Dannon All Natural Coffee Maker I felt the need to illustrate “How To Brew Coffee”. It would seem that people have forgotten that it doesn’t really take much to Brew Coffee, especially if your Beans are already ground up!!! 🙂 So here is a Coffee Illustration for you! [clear] Read More

My Music Tastes

Some people have asked me what I listen to, and every now and then my taste in music will fit in with others. The real question though is what gets the work done? It’s not weather or not you like it, but weather or not I get my work done, so take it or leave Read More

VisualComa Construction – Week 2

Week 2 -> Design Round 1 Something I’ve always wanted to do with my designs is to give the viewer a sense of space, a feeling of air and touch of creative craft; while at the same time be professional. At this point in the Design I feel as though I’ve accomplished most of my Read More

Cobra Comander, Action Figure

Yesterday I went to do my kid challenge at Target, I wanted a certain watch that I thought was going t be there. They didn’t have it!! 🙁 So!!! I got this instead!! Read More

Kid Challenge

I have a challenge for you!! Every Week do one thing that you did as when you were a Kid. We probably already do this to begin with, but make it intentional and make it fun. Read More

VisualComa Construction – Week 1

As you may have noticed I have once again decided to change things up around here and do something drastic. I’ve decided to do a public build of my next Personal Theme. Every week on Saturday I’m going to spend about 5hrs or so Making an update. Weather it’s a Visual or Functional UpDate I’ll Read More

Happy Easter

Hey there everyone, have a good Easter Sunday!!! Enjoy your Day and don’t forget the reason for the season!!! 🙂 that was cheesy… Read More

March In Photos 2009

I hope you enjoy some of these totally random pics from March. Read More