2009 03

I want the Box of WordPress Legos!!

I think one of the most frequently asked questions I hear on a regular basis is; “Can WordPress Do That?” The answer is always the same…. Yes!!! The best response to any question like that is, “Who’s building it?” Honestly the question isn’t about weather or not “WordPress” can do something or not. Sure “out Read More

Jack Bauer VS Chuck Norris

Who do You put your money on? Read More


I was sitting on my bed working on a project when I realized it’s about time I freshened things up a bit around here and added a little more season to things here in my VisualComa. So here you have it VC-Easter with my own special Easter Background. If you’re not seeing any change you’ll Read More

How To Survive an Avalanche

Don’t forget these life saving techniques… Read More

WordPress Media UpLoader

The other day a friend of mine asked me if there was a place in the WP Admin where he could upload his images and get the url “easily”. My first response was just type in wp-admin/media-upload.php and there you go!!! Apparently I under estimated his Laziness and the Laziness of the blogging community as Read More

IE6Death March 2009

As of yesterday March 1st, 2009 I stripped all CSS from my site for IE6 and posted this message at the top of the page. The stats in general will say that a 15% of online viewers are still using IE6 which is a large enough block to say it needs to be supported. But!!! Read More

Feb In Photos 2009

I hope you enjoy some of these totally random pics from Feb. Read More