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I want the Box of WordPress Legos!!

I think one of the most frequently asked questions I hear on a regular basis is; “Can WordPress Do That?” The answer is always the same…. Yes!!!

The best response to any question like that is, “Who’s building it?” Honestly the question isn’t about weather or not “WordPress” can do something or not. Sure “out of the Box WP” can only do you so much. You add a dozen good plugins, a standard theme and you’ll have yourself a serious platform.

I find that the best approach to explaining a Platform like WordPress is comparing it to a Pile of Legos. “In My Mind” every Version of WP is like an updated version of my favorite “Web Legos”. The WordPress Community and Automattic have been so kind as to create all these different pieces for us to use.

For me the idea of building something for a Web Site isn’t about just building something for one person. Every time I build a page I think about how I might use it in the future and I build it with development in mind…
“Could This be a Plugin”,
“Should This be a Plugin”,
“Should I work this into the Admin”,
“Should this be a Template”….
(and the list goes on and on and on…)


What it comes down to is that “WordPress is an Engine that lets the Average Person Interact with a Database”

Step 1. Build Your Own Legos – HTML / CSS FrameWork.
Step 2. Add WordPress Legos – PHP Functions & Plugins.
Step 3. Populate the Database Via WP Admin. the smart legos..
Step 4. Write Posts about Sailor Lego Men in Nasty Tank-tops….

This has been a message of Blogs for Blogs Network…


I was sitting on my bed working on a project when I realized it’s about time I freshened things up a bit around here and added a little more season to things here in my VisualComa. So here you have it VC-Easter with my own special Easter Background.

If you’re not seeing any change you’ll have to refresh your browser to see the change. If your on a slow connection than it may take a second to load. The background image is about 500kb. (other-wise known as a behemoth background)

There is also a little something special for those of you with screens that are actually larger than my little 13in… yeah thats right I do all my work from a little 13in, so what… Beyond that, nothing special here, hope you enjoy 🙂


WordPress Media UpLoader

The other day a friend of mine asked me if there was a place in the WP Admin where he could upload his images and get the url “easily“. My first response was just type in wp-admin/media-upload.php and there you go!!!

Apparently I under estimated his Laziness and the Laziness of the blogging community as a whole. (in a very sarcastic way) So, here is what I did…

WP_Media_UpLoader.pngI pulled the media-upload.php file into the WP Admin through a link in “Media” menu. I didn’t put in any bells or whistles to WOW you, Simplicity is key!!! Oh, and I put in a button so you can open a PopUp of the Uploader.

This has been taken down because 03.03.09 was a long time ago !! 🙂