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One Versus Two Spaces After a Period

I really don’t get it, I haven’t used two spaces after a period since I was 16 and in a typing class, and that was only because I had to… It didn’t make sense then and doesn’t make sense now.

Honestly who really does this?

I realize I’m not the most trusted linguist in the world, but two spaces after a period?

It’s time for a change.

I just want to say that I am throughly disappointed with this graph below. I feel like I’m just not doing my job well enough here when I see this. Perhaps IE8 is going to be amazing, and lets be honest IE7 isn’t that bad, but if you’re on IE6 you’re about to get shut out of my design.

By the end of February I am going to strip all CSS from my site for IE6 users. Consider the speed at which the internet progresses, using IE6 is like driving a car that built in 1965 and saying it’s fuel efficient.


Here’s what you do…

Search —>> “Browsers” (notice how Internet Explorer dosn’t come up at the top of the page…)
Fine one you like.
Download it.
Use it.

It’s For Everyone!


I heard a great little talk this morning about HOPE. At first I was a little skeptical about where it was going to go, but the guy talking was pretty much on the level and not in a cheesy way. I even laughed with out forcing it…

It’s always surprising to me that in general people are able to take a message and apply it to life regardless of the circumstances. At any rate one of the points made was that the difference between the a successful person and a none successful person is that one is standing ontop of their failures and the other is laying underneath them.

There are so many clichés running through my mind right now that I want to vomit so please do me a favor and don’t leave any inspirational clichés comments. because you know I’m a comment magnet…

ecto Publishing

This is ecto which is a desktop publishing app for the mac which I think you’ll like to check out if you’re into having more control over you blog publishing. (not to mention the fact that if you’re like me you can’t stand having a publisher that tells you how to write your html)

I pretty sure I saw the copywrite say 2003-2009 so I get the feeling this one has been around for a while. The company that developed this App ( also has iBlogger.

This is my first post so I really can’t give you a fair comparison on what I think, but I’ll let you know. I’ve been using MarsEdit which is a great app and has some amazing features. No custom fields though, which I’ve been wanting to have for many reasons.

Do you use a Desktop App for publishing your Posts? OR are you old-school diehard “gotta use my browser!”

Almost forgot, for all of you WordPress peeps out there that dislike the WP Post Editor this app is for you!

Bored with Time to Kill?

Terminal.pngpong_emacs.pngApplications > Utilities > Terminal
Type or copy/paste the following:

List of Games: type the following
ls /usr/share/emacs/22.1/lisp/play

Start emacs: type the following

To Play a Game:
hold Esc + X
(enables you to type a games name to play)

Play Tetris: type the following

Quit emacs:
hold control, press X then C

To see a better example of what I’m talking about check this guy out.