2009 01

Cool, Free Flickr Stuff

I’ve been doing some research here and there over the last week or two and have been ankle deep in flickr the whole time. I’m not a flickr wizard, but I did find a few sweet tricks I thought you would be interested in. Most of these have been around for a while, so it’s Read More

Blogging 101 | It’s a Post not a Blog

Do you know the answer to this question. What is the difference between using the term “Blog” and the using the term “Post”? If you are an “Author” of a “Blog” than you are a “Blogger”. As an “Author” you “Publish” content one “Post” at a time to your “Blog”. When you announce that you Read More


If there is one thing I think we will all realize time and time again is that there are a number of things in life you should not hesitate to do. It always seems to be the small things that catch my eyes, the easy things. There are a million analogies and examples of this Read More

Our Kids Technology

Over time I don’t think any one could deny the fact that the technology we’re worinkg on right now are just play things to our Kids. What will happen over the next 20yrs as these kids develop. Yeah, yeah, flying cars and microchips blaw blaw blaw… Let’s move past that typical crap and be realistic. Read More


For all you designers out there I’ve decided to start offering some downloads and some theme ideas over at wp-psd.com. The site isn’t complete just yet, but there is a flickr group going if you are interested. My plan is to upload my completed designs as they come in one by one, and offer little Read More

Have You Read It?

I really only have a question for you. Have you ever read the Bible from Cover to Cover? I’ve never made it from front to back. What about you? And what do you think? Read More

Reader’s Circle

I’d like to introduce all of you to a site that my brother Norman Hicks has been developing over the last 5+yrs. He’s got a page rank of 6, comes up #14 on a google search for: book clubs. (how broad of a search is book club anyway!) Point is, he’s achieved a lot. Here Read More

WP-Themes Flickr Group

This is a call out to all those people out there that are Designing Blog Themes. I need your help and Bloggers want your Designs. I woke up yesterday morning and thought this would be a cool idea. Normally I wouldn’t bother anyone with stuff like this, but I used groups/wp-themes/ for the url so Read More

Bad Query! Sit Query, Sit! Good Query

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been walking on a very thin sheet of ice. Wordpress 2.7 came out and life was wonderful, plugins were getting updated almost daily and things seemed to be just fine. Then out of no where I found a twisted up wrench on the ground, and wouldn’t you know Read More