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Cool, Free Flickr Stuff

flickr_med.pngI’ve been doing some research here and there over the last week or two and have been ankle deep in flickr the whole time. I’m not a flickr wizard, but I did find a few sweet tricks I thought you would be interested in. Most of these have been around for a while, so it’s nothing “Hot off The Press”, but cool all the same.

I also figured I would share with you the two plugins that I’ve found to be the most usable that will help you pull your flickr pics into your WP Blog.

Keep in mind, there are probably thousands of flickr apps, plugins, javascripts and whatNot to keep us happy for years with our flickr. So!, if you have any good suggestions lets hear it.

My Top 2 Flickr WP Plugins

  • flickrRSS Plugin – Great for adding widgets to your sidebar. Also works with wpTouch for the iphone.
  • Flickr Photo Album – Brings your flickr account to your Edit Posts Page & More. There is a lot to this plugin,, I only use it to bring my flickr to my edit posts page.

Online places for Flickr Galleries




enjoy 🙂

Blogging 101 | It’s a Post not a Blog

Do you know the answer to this question. What is the difference between using the term “Blog” and the using the term “Post”?

If you are an “Author” of a “Blog” than you are a “Blogger”. As an “Author” you “Publish” content one “Post” at a time to your “Blog”.

When you announce that you have written new content you should say something like this:

  • “I have a new Post out”
  • “Just Published a New Post
  • “Check out my Latest Post
  • “My latest Blog Entry is a Masterpiece, Go Now”
  • “Just finished the worst Blog Post ever, I should delete it.”

Never do the following:homer.png

  • “New Blog up, Go Now”
  • “Just finished a new Blog check it out.”
  • “My latest Blog is a master piece, You’ll love it.”
  • “Just wrote the best Blog ever in my entire life, better than you ever.”
  • “I Blogged a Blog and Blogged it to my Blog, You should Blog it!” Doe!!!

What am I getting at?

Don’t say stupid things like “I just finished a new Blog“, unless you actually just started a new Blog at or or…. Do you see my point! The word Blog is talking about a specific Blog associated with a unique URL.

  • Blog, Blogger, Blogging, Blogged
  • Post, Posting, Posted

This has been a message of Blogs for Blogs Network


If there is one thing I think we will all realize time and time again is that there are a number of things in life you should not hesitate to do.

It always seems to be the small things that catch my eyes, the easy things. There are a million analogies and examples of this with how and why etched in explaining all of this, but your experiences are probably more fitting. So I won’t get into that, I’ll leave that to you.

But how about this, if you hesitate this week remember it. Even if it’s a small cliché thing like holding a door open or helping that old lady, or drinking more water. Whatever, just remember it for next time you hesitate. How many times will I hesitate befor I just start doing them.

And You?

Our Kids Technology

worlds_first_airplane_2.pngOver time I don’t think any one could deny the fact that the technology we’re worinkg on right now are just play things to our Kids.

What will happen over the next 20yrs as these kids develop. Yeah, yeah, flying cars and microchips blaw blaw blaw… Let’s move past that typical crap and be realistic. What happens to a generation that uses communications and plays with technology from the time their able to hold it in their hand.

From age 2 kids these kids have touch screen toys popping digital bubble wrap, and watching their Pops play labyrinth with an Accelerometer rather than a marble. Their parents have always had a device that’s either in their hand, pocket, purse at all times.

Basically I’m curious about how the younger generation will take our greatest achievements and turn them into daily items.

For all you designers out there I’ve decided to start offering some downloads and some theme ideas over at The site isn’t complete just yet, but there is a flickr group going if you are interested. My plan is to upload my completed designs as they come in one by one, and offer little bits of design as I create them.

It’s more or less just a repository of psd’s for the masses to download and get ideas from. If you have something to offer as a download let me know and we’ll review it and offer it once it’s polished.

As for now here is a little something for you’re background image needs. It’s a repeating image that creates a nice background. The download is a psd with layers that you can adjust to fit your needs. I liked it and thought it would be a good start to this, so check it out. If you like it let me know, or if your in need of something specific let me know, it may be sitting in my archives.

Pattern Wallpaper<a href=”″ target=”_blank” title=”Pattern_Wallpaper alt=”Pattern Wallpaper”>Download the PSD

If you’re a design dork like me follow wp-psd on twitter at