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December In Photos 2008

This is December in Pictures. It’s kinda weird to look over a month of images. Read More

2008 to 2009

What a year 2008 was, and I can only hope that December hasn’t been an example of what 2009 is going to be like. Craziness is the only way to describe Dec. Anyway, here are a few things that happened in 2008. A Few Things Started Web Work Fulltime Upgraded from a g4 466mhz (2001) Read More

First Christmas in TN

So this was my first Christmas in Tennessee and it was quite nice. I really didn’t have much going on, but I did have the house all to myself for about a week. Brody’s parents were in town and I got to eat a lot of really good food. What more could you want? Snow? Read More

Send Your Tree

Tree[at]skorinc[dot]com Read More

I Have a Hard Time Being Serious

It’s true, I really do have a hard time being serious, in fact I often think that I should set up a camera in my room and put on some back ground music so every one could listen and watch. Wow, what a joke that would be, probably not going to happen. Here are two Read More

People Have Shapes in My Head

For as long as I can remember there are certain people I know that have an associated shape in my head. Lots of people are pointy like a triangle, some are round and bubbly like the pink elephants from Dumbo and some people are kind of boxy with rounded corners. Most of the time is Read More

WordPress Galleries Got You Down?

You ever put in a Gallery in a Post and it acts weird and looks off and there just seems to be no hope. And then you look at the html only to find out there is a style right in the middle of your code… Well, here is a little something I decided to Read More

A Lack of Inspiration

There seems to be a complete lack of inspiration lately, but don’t get worried it’s just a cycle. I work in cycles of unexpected Creativity and Productivity. Right now seems to be a loll where images are flat, color is dull & Fonts look like letters but I still can’t read them. Normally I wouldn’t Read More

Snow and Pumpkins : Snumpkin Man

So What do you do with an Un-Carved Pumpkin in December? You wait for the first snow, and you make him into a Snumpkin Man! I realize that there really isn’t that much snow here, but it’s awesome all the same. Read More

What do You do at 8:30am?

I woke up this morning with an email from my sis that lives in Japan saying she finally got her internet and skype. So, I hopped on and sure enough she was there and already chatting with our brother in LA. It’s a crazy thing this Internet, but it’s awesome. My family is so spread Read More