2008 11

Too Social

I think we can all agree that FaceBook is way cooler than MySpace and there is quite possibly a good use to it. In fact I actually use FaceBook where as MySpace has never really been a thing for me. There was always too much stuff everywhere and it just seemed easier to email than Read More

Always Doing Something

You would think we could just stop for a day and turn off the computers right??!! I swore I would, but then Brody had this idea to try and get people to send pics of their Turkey to a Flickr account. So off we went and here’s what came of it. more… If you still Read More

Turkey Thoughts

this is what Turkeys think about during the holidays… Read More

Thanks Giving Stories

Here is an story that comes to mind every time I think of Thanks Giving, it’s called “The Pissed Off Horse and the Stupid Kids” My Grandpa used to have a pasture where he would keep animals, this year he had a horse. A Horse was a rare thing to see at my Grandpas house Read More

Me as a Robot

If I was a robot I would look something like this. yes I drew this… Read More

Using the blank.gif

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with IE6 and why do I even care. Then I remember that literally millions of people out there are just too ignorant, and don’t even realize that IE is not the only option. I’ve got to hand it to Microsoft they cornered the market at a great time, Read More

Lots of Leaves

As we all know the leaves have fallen and their making their way into your storm drains and into rain gutters and with any luck a few of them will make their way into that little space under your windshield. (you know that spot under the wiper blades, there’s usually some black plastic and every Read More

My Plan to Stay Healthy this Winter

Through out the last 5 years I think I’ve tested just about every scenario I can think of when it comes to what makes me sick and how I actually get sick. What I found is that preventative measures are the way to go, and believe it or not they don’t involve any medicines of Read More

Questions About Church

I’ve always been a little curious about what God thinks about our worship songs. You know how most of them seem to be us reasuring ourselves of His existence. I know that’s a cinical point of view and I don’t want to put that spin on this idea. I’m more or less womdering about the Read More

Go, Go, Go

You ever get that feeling were life is nothing but a huge marathon and you’re not really running to win? I don’t mean that in a pessimistic way, I’m actually quite positive about it. The longer I keep running the more you realize it’s not that bad, even though there are those time where the Read More