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Too Social

facebook.pngmyspace.pngI think we can all agree that FaceBook is way cooler than MySpace and there is quite possibly a good use to it. In fact I actually use FaceBook where as MySpace has never really been a thing for me.

There was always too much stuff everywhere and it just seemed easier to email than login. FaceBook on the other hand is really only a few steps ahead of MySpace and it’s only a little bit better.

Reality seems to be this. Most people are treating FaceBook just like they treated MySpace, and now have way to many things coming through to keep track of. People here and People there, and “oh my gosh that chick from HS, ah Crap! I’m not talking to that person…” Ignore

Have you let your FaceBook become another overly social attempt to stay connected with every person that you’ve ever known? So hey, if you find me on FaceBook and I ignore you, don’t take it personal. I’m just keeping things under control.

(and don’t you find it interesting that myspace has coined a description much like nintendo did back in the late 80’s)

Thanks Giving Stories

Here is an story that comes to mind every time I think of Thanks Giving, it’s called “The Pissed Off Horse and the Stupid Kids”

My Grandpa used to have a pasture where he would keep animals, this year he had a horse. A Horse was a rare thing to see at my Grandpas house so you could imagine the excitement of my cousins and I. We were all the same age…about 9 Immediately Wayne and Curt decided we were going to mess with the horse. (and of course I wasn’t going to get left behind)

So there we were throwing rocks and sticks and anything you can think of to get the horse all pissed off and riled up. We thought it was awesome, but the horse was running around in circles like it was going to break through the fence and take off down train tracks. It didn’t last long though and sure enough the voice of authority came bellowing across the creek and berry bushed just in time to smack us in the back of the head.


a_pissed_horse.jpgSo what do you do next, you try and touch the horse. as if the horse wants to be friends all of a sudden,,, I got elected to try and pet the horse, which was a total set up. I got about six inches away when that big monster snapped at me and tried to take my hand off. it kinda freaked me out. And then out of no where this big giant stick flies into the back of my head, bounces off of me and smacks the horse right in the butt. The horse freaked out and jumps up on two legs, I freak out and about wet my pants. Next thing I know the horse takes off with flames in his eye and death wish aimed at me.

After it was all said and done, with the horse out of the way, I turned around and there they were, Wayne and Curt, about to wet their pants with laughter. I don’t remember much after that, mostly just a blur of turkey and food mixed with other stories like this one.

Happy Thanks Giving! 😉