2008 10

iMage Pics #4

Three more reasons I’m not a photographer. Read More

Nashville for the Day

I woke up this morning and realized I need to leave the house really badly. Nashville is my best bet. So I pulled out some cameras to play with. I always find it interesting to bring along the 35mm point and shoot just for kicks. The Yashica LM was given to me by a good Read More

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Just in case you haven’t had the opportunity to experience this classic film I thought I would bring it to your attention. Yes, I realize that there is a small cult following or something like that surrounding this movie all the more reason you should subject yourself. For me it kinda falls into one of Read More

Lydia – Best Myspace I’ve Seen

I’m not a huge advocate for MySpace, but I’m not about to deny the fact that Myspace skins must be a serious deal to understand. This band Lydia has really gone the extra mile to get their MySpace to look amazing. They have gone so far that is almost better than most profession web designs Read More

How do you Walk

Over many years I’ve come to notice that there are two different types of people when it comes to walking and what kind of shoes people will buy. Type A – Light Stepper, Walks Softly, Good at being sneaky, Doesn’t wear any kind of boots unless there is a reason. (Rainy Day Boots, Work Boots, Read More

Video Games

I know, I know, Video Games will rot you mind… Although they provide for a great little break from staring at a small screen and let you stair at a large one. Let me just say if you like to play fun racing games that are simple this is one for you, or any one Read More

3 Things All Guys Should Have Done by Age 30

Every Guy should have done these things by time their 30, and I’m sorry I just don’t think there is much of an excuse on these. Changed the Oil in a Car. Cleaned a Public Bathroom. Turn Your Head and Cough. Are there any to add… Read More

iMage Pics #3

Three more reasons I’m not a photographer. Read More

Weeks ReCap Based on Smilies

There is a lot in my head right now so here is a quick list of what been going on. Work Projects The Katinas 😉 Jeff Johnson 😉 Linda McIntosh 😮 Melony Brown 😮 In Depth Booking Form 😡 Revamped Contact Form 😕 Image With Text Plugin 8) (simple yet effective) Web/WordPress/Blogging World Install WordPress Read More