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Nashville for the Day

My how things changeI woke up this morning and realized I need to leave the house really badly. Nashville is my best bet. So I pulled out some cameras to play with.

I always find it interesting to bring along the 35mm point and shoot just for kicks. The Yashica LM was given to me by a good friend. The color that comes from these pics are just amazing. There is something about rich emulsion color that is like wearing silk on my eyes.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

rocky-horror-picture-show.jpgJust in case you haven’t had the opportunity to experience this classic film I thought I would bring it to your attention. Yes, I realize that there is a small cult following or something like that surrounding this movie all the more reason you should subject yourself.

For me it kinda falls into one of those gray areas that movies go when I know I’ll probably see it again, but I’ll be more puzzled as to why I’m watching it again.

Some of you may read Brody’s blog and remember “Catch-Up Movie Night”. Well that’s my thought here, only it movies that i haven’t seen in years or never seen at all. Next is Lost Boys (i’ve seen it but it’s been for ever)

What’s your suggestion?

Lydia – Best Myspace I’ve Seen

lydia_cd.jpgI’m not a huge advocate for MySpace, but I’m not about to deny the fact that Myspace skins must be a serious deal to understand. This band Lydia has really gone the extra mile to get their MySpace to look amazing.

They have gone so far that is almost better than most profession web designs out there. Well done Lydia, just think what you could do with a unlimited html, css & php canvas. You should look into it