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Dear Mr/Mrs Professional Photographer

Dear Mr/Mrs Professional Photographer

One great thing about designing for the web is that most of the time you are feeding me with massive amounts of amazing imagery. I’d say about 75% of it is usable for actual site construction, another 20% is perfect for the Photo’s page and then there’s usually that 5% or less that you should have scrapped. And let me tell you I am forever grateful to you for keen eye and cool lenses.

I have one huge suggestion, ask the person you’re working with if they plan to use any of these photos on the web. Maybe they’re thinking about using one of them for the Header of their site.

With that in mind take 5 different shot with a Header in mind.

Here are some ideas..

  1. Horizontal pic where the subjects height is 25% of the total width…
  2. Create a Horizon line.
  3. If you do a close up be sure to leave plenty of space on the left or the right…
  4. Take a pic that has some blank space, perhaps a place where they could put their name.
  5. Horizontal, Horizontal, Horizontal, Horizontal, More freaking Horizontal…

Just remember that if someone is paying for Photos (and its not a family deal) most likely they’ll have a website…

Meeting Daniel Renstrom

I got a call this morning from Brody, nothing out of the ordinary, but as the phone rang and i went to answer it I realized, “Crap I think Daniel is supposed to be in town today”. Sure enough, 3pm @Fidos…

Daniel-Renstrom-Fidos.jpgAfter all this time of working with Daniel we finally got to meet. Let me tell you he’s just as cool as you would think. Also, he’s pretty good at having a conversation as well. (although he made fun of me for not being able to spell) –>> you just wait till the next blog revision there buddy boy… >_<

So if by some random chance you don’t read Daniel yet, go over and check him out. Oh, and by the way you should hear some of his music too. go here and download a song he’s had up for a while… you’ll like it.

Paving Shenanigans

I don’t really have much to say about this accept that you’ll have to watch the whole thing… (paving was always a pain in my butt, although the guys I worked with made it worth it.)

My Family on the Web

I come from a pritty big Family and it can be hard to keep up on everything from which city to how many kids, but it seems as though most of us out on the go and the ones that don’t live in Auburn or the surrounding areas have created ourselves a little spot on the web. Here they are…

the scharenberg familyThe Scharenberg Family
This is my sis and her husband, they have been writing about a year now. It’s always funny to see what shenanigans the kids are getting themselves into.

ReadersCircle.orgReaders Circle (my older brother)
This is my older brother he has not quite moved into the writing arena of the web just yet due to his success with You could only imagine the expectation of post quality the people from his community might expect. (I would get burned alive) Regardless of him not having a blogging community he has created an actually face to face community, and if you live with in 100mi of any major city there is a good chance your going to find a group of people who have met through his site. It’s a really good site, very simple and very focused. (one of these days I’ll get him writing)

_MG_8459.jpgThe Hicks Family
This is my brother and his wife (I don’t think my brother writes on here), They’ve been writing about a year. My brother also write at New Havenworth about his work as a Grad Student/teacher at UMASS. (he’s a Theatrical Lighting Designer – he’s pretty good at it.)

the BarkersThe Barkers
This is one of my other sisters and her husband, they just started writing since mass emails seems to be getting annoying to her. They are in the process of moving to Japan and so far so good. Also check out, it’s my sis’s photo site. She and her husband both graduated from Brooks Photography in Santa Barbara Ca. I keep telling her to be taking some killer photos during their move, but apparently there are more important things than taking photos things like making sure they get to Japan. (I guess getting there is more important – a photo journal of not getting to japan isn’t as exciting as actually getting there)

So there you have it, me included thats 5 out of seven. Now all we need to do is get the other two online and were golden. Anyway thats my online Family, so if you’re into family blogs check them out…