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Cliché Christian Words and Frases

I heard a few words today that made me chuckle a little, only because it’s been years and years since I’d heard them used semi seriously. Read More

Death to IE6, 3/09

This is a must read and a must Participate…Death to IE6 Read More

Missing Keys?

I went to a really good meeting this morning with some folks over at this place… Read More

Speak or Not to Speak

Today Brody and I drove to Memphis to have a meeting where we said our little speal and in the end everyone was the same page. Although we had our moments… Read More

Even Spamers Understand the Power Links

Even my spam emails understand that a link is worth an exchange, and depending on that link it might be a $1 link, a $5, $10, $20 or maybe even $100. Read More

Running in Circles & loving CoolIris

Work has me in a tight spot right now, but I still enjoy it. Although it seems to be zapping all my energy. One of these days Im just going to unload a ton of stuff… Read More

How To Take a Body Punch

Don’t forget these life saving techniques… Read More

Bored on a Sunday Cleaning My Room

If you missed it than I’m sorry,,, honestly all you missed was me cleaning my closet. I know totally awesome. 😉 Read More


I saw an ad today that just about had me rolling off my chair. I know this really isn’t that funny, but the chick in this picture made me want to spit milk out my nose. Read More

Brentwood Disc Golf – Crocket Park

I went out to my first Tennessee Disc Golf Course, Brentwood’s Crocket Park. Read More