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Cliché Christian Words and Frases

I heard a few words today that made me chuckle a little, only because it’s been years and years since I’d heard them used semi seriously.

The two that I heard were “Backslide” and “Stumble”… I don’t think I’ve heard those since high school chapel in the the gym.

Are their any Christian Cliché’s that make you chuckle when you hear them?
Im not trying to discredit these words true meaning, but the fact that their Cliché makes them funny

Missing Keys?

I went to a really good meeting this morning with some folks over at Buzz Plant. I really liked the vibe I got from them, they seem really relaxed yet on top of their stuff. (Which is really refreshing to see.)

We talked about some really interesting things concerning Databases and Flash, SEO and some guys in white hats and oh yeah, some blog stuff too. So yes, I left that meeting with a huge smile on and few new concepts to chew on. But as I got closer to my sweet ride I realized that I didn’t have my keys.

missing-scoot-keys.jpgIf I was at home I would have walked strait back into the house to get them, but I wasn’t at home. The first thing I thought was, “There in the freaking ignition”… Sure enough, there they were just sitting there waiting for someone to stroll along and take it out for a spin. (thank goodness Franklin isn’t a bad town)

Speak or Not to Speak

tennessee-no-ocean.jpgToday Brody and I drove to Memphis to have a meeting where we said our little speal and in the end everyone was the same page. Although we had our moments… Or should I say, I had my moments.

There are many times where I find myself trying to explain how websites interact and how search engines do what they do and how it is that we do what we do without actually saying words like database and code and html… I don’t like saying things that sound smart, but after today I realize it might be better to first make sense.

I’m not entirely sure how these things happen, but some how in the midst of our conversation I couldn’t help but talked about Tennessee falling into the ocean, a live broadcast of my closet and egg guts getting all over the place. I think in the future I might just stick to the magical card of the web, and say things like code and html, databases and php…

Even Spamers Understand the Power Links

Even my spam emails understand that a link is worth an exchange. Depending on who you’re exchanging links with it might be fair to say that you’re giving them a dollar and their giving you a $50. or vise versa So why is it then that people spend thousands of dollars for a static website that never changes or even attempts to have a link exchange.

It’s all about who you are affiliated with. If you want to bring it back to the Music Industry, the decision to have no affiliate links (blogroll) will most likely point back the musician or manager being worried about the affiliations. Honestly if you are actively involved in your career than you not going to be worried about the affiliations because your going to take the time to look at the links before you approve them. And if you’re not willing to be affiliated with your fans than who are you affiliated with? Your Label?

spam.jpgThanks David Stern, but this is as much of a link exchange as you’re going to get… Although now that I’ve mentioned your name in my tags and so-forth people will find you, but unfortunately they may not find your website. They may be brought here to see how you spammed me. Luckily I haven’t said anything mean, and your website is actually legit.
and yet i’m still not linking to you…

My name is David Stern, and I am contacting you on behalf of our client

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UK, offering a Rolls Royce Service to our customers at

all times from the initial call to their telephone operative to diagnosing
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I have visited your site and see that your site is sufficiently related
to their domain. It would be great if we can have

website linked to yours, which would not only attract
and benefit the B2B visitors to your site but also

would be helpful for us. In lieu of this link, we will provide a link for
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same PageRank page and the reason why we will not be linking back from
thamesgas site is to rule out the link exchange

approach which is not so search engine friendly.

My site details are as follow:-

URL : httpwwwthamesgascom
Title : Plumbing Repair London
Description : Contact Thames Gas at 08001313832 for plumbing repair and
installations services across London.

I’ll look forward to your positive response.

Thank you very much for your time.

David Stern