2008 07

Call + Response

Oblivious to Paralysis. Read More


For the last six to nine months I’ve been typing away, building and creating, crafting and twisting my brain for any bit of creativity I may have left untapped. Read More

Web App Wed – LiteIcon

This is Web App Wed, the one post a week to keep me from talking about computer stuff too much. This week is an nice little app called LiteIcon. Read More


Apparently My FeedBurner got all mixed up and I’ve been giving out a bad link as my feed. Thats very bad for me… Read More

Being Lame on a Date

I’m not a Dating expert by any means, and I have never been very good at dating. (as if any of us ever were) Read More

What to do in Spring Hill

What is there to do in Spring Hill on a Sunday night around 9:47pm… Nothing, so why not take a ride to Franklin and drive through downtown like a bat out of hell… Read More

Reading the Bible

I recently decided to try and read a little every night starting in Matthew. I’m trying not to have a motive… Read More

Mac Future

Are the rumors true and if so will Mac make something usable or just something cool. I believe Mac is setting the pace as far as their marketing of their Products, but are their latest Products Concepts being applied Properly. Read More

Dark Night

I wont say much, I’m sure it has all been said before… The Dark Night is a great movie. Read More

The Old Days

I found this pic earlier this morning while sifting through some old photos. Gosh I was a dork and so was Brody… I’m not sure where we are, but we’re all retarded for this… Read More