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Call + Response

guntar_125x125.jpgObliviousness to Paralysis. I know this post will get less of a responce than a post about what you put on your hotdog, but go and take a look at this.

Watch this trailer. This isn’t a joke, don’t let the bachelor party stuff distract you from watching the whole thing. And I have to say that in reality this is a very disturbing and grotesque subculture that has me in Paralysis.

There is so much I would like to say about this right now, but I just don’t have it in me, at the moment, to write something worth it’s value. I’ll get back to you later in the week, but for now you need to check this out.


For the last six to nine months I’ve been typing, building and creating, crafting and twisting my brain for any bit of creativity I may have left untapped. I found an entire wing of drafting tables and lounge couches with huge bay windows over-looking a massive cavern of caves and natural springs. I found this tinny little plant down there, and I want it to grow. Do you think you can help me

name.jpg is a project that Brody and I have been cultivating since we started working with MercyMe. It’s been quite an intense process meeting with management, musicians and marketing directors. It seems that each of them has their own view on what is going on in the industry right now and they never really seem to be on the same page. Which is why I think it works for them, everyone is able to focus on what they are supposed to be doing, and their able to do it well because of that focus. One of the Goals of SkorInc is to be able to work with-in that concept of Focus on an interactive level.

My personal Goal and Hope for SkorInc and myself is to be a part of the change that is taking place in the Christian Music Industry. By helping Artists Cultivate their Music and their Community through the Blogging Platform I think we can help this trend that is ultimately going to produce a new generation of Musicians. A Generation of Musicians that are in touch with their fans in a way we’ve never seen.

What can you do right now to help?

Go over to Brody’s place and see what he’s doing to shake things up in Nashville. Also be sure to head over to SkorInc and check it out.


At this point in time the Music Industry is starting to latch on to interactive media. Be a voice in defining what media they use, because the media can decide their level of involvement.

Web App Wed – LiteIcon

LiteIcon.jpgThis is Web App Wed, the one post a week to keep me from talking about computer stuff too much. This week is a nice little app called LiteIcon.

This App allows you to change out Icons for all of your Mac Operating Systems standard Icons. There are a few ways to go about changing Icons, but this just makes it easy to hit a bunch at once. it also has a nice ‘relaunch finder’ button to refresh the icons..


Swapping Icons…mac says

  1. Select the volume, application, folder, or file whose icon you want to stamp onto another, just click the icon to select it.
  2. From the File menu, choose Get Info or press Command-I to open the Info window.
  3. Click the icon in the upper-left corner of the Info window to select it.
  4. From the Edit menu, choose Copy or press Command-C.
  5. Select the volume, application, folder, or file whose icon you want to replace.
  6. From the File menu, choose Get Info or press Command-I.
  7. Click the icon in the upper-left corner.
  8. From the Edit menu, choose Paste or press Command-V to replace the icon.

Basically just copy and past them in…Relaunch the finder and blamo…

The crappy thing is, I’m not sure what is what, but there cool to look at…


Here are a few links to find some cool Icons.
Pixelgirlpresents This one is kind of hit an miss. some of the .sit files are no good. has a lot of stuff to look at, but it also has other apps and screen savers mixed in. Worth checking out.

Here’s a little added bonus → img2icns
Drop just about any image file into this program and it will convert it into a usable file for an app icon or folder icon… I would suggest that you use images with transparent backgrounds.


Apparently My FeedBurner got all mixed up and I’ve been giving out a bad link as my feed. Thats very bad for me…

You would think I would be on top of this, but as it would seem I am a typical monkey wrench. you know how it goes with mechanics, their car never runs well, but everyone else’s does…

Just in case you don’t subscribe to my madness, maybe you should…

Here it is ↓

Thanks Kyle

Being Lame on a Date

I’m not a Dating expert by any means, and I have never been very good at dating. (as if any of us ever were) The only reason I even bring this up is I over heard a couple that walked by me earlier today. They were obviously a recently dating couple..

awkward-date.jpgApart from the awkward look on both of their faces, the conversation was quick and stupid. But, they both got a huge kick out of it. Perhaps it was an inside joke they were laughing at or something they saw, but I couldn’t help but think about all the times I’ve done exactly the same thing…

Have you ever been out on a date, and found yourself being completely stupid or acting like an absolute idiot because of some strange force of nature that has you by its grip. Guys, you know what I’m talking about…

girl – “don’t you just love the color of that house?”
guy – “YEAH, if I had a house it would be that color, in-fact that’s the house I would buy.”
girl – “yeah, me to”
guy – ‘(good answer man, good answer)’…

Girls, don’t think your any different… How many time have you laughed at one of our jokes, and later thought, “damn, I can’t believe I laughed at that. What the hell was he rambling about…”

All this to say, Dating cracks me up. It’s totally ridiculous what we find ourselves doing when were on a date with someone we have a serious crush on…

I think one of the dumbest things I’ve done on a date was eat a raw green onion and try and say I actually liked it. as if the look on my face wasn’t screaming out saying, what the hell is this crap…

Does anyone have a good one?