2008 06

Supper Hero Test Results

I took a test today and this is what it told me… Read More

It’s Monday and I’m Sore

It’s Monday and my neck hurts and my back is a little soar…. Read More

The Factory

I went to The Factory Church today with Brody, Kristen and the kids. It is a very interesting Church. Lots of candles and dim lighting, very introspective feeling. Read More

Meeting People I’ve Kinda Met Already

Today was another day of meeting people, thing is when you read people’s blogs you get to kinda meet them in advance. Read More

Meridees in Franklin

I’m sitting in Meridees doing a little work. Kinda of nice change of pace from being at the house. If you’re in Franklin and wan to hang come by… Read More

Thinking About Work

I’ve doing a little thinking over the last few weeks about doing a little side work. I’m still not sure if I should be doing side work or not. Seeing as I would be my own competition, it might not be a good idea. Read More

The Afters

Here is another one I did today while at Utopia Coffee. Drawing is like therapy for me… Read More


Here is a little something I put together tonight while having some coffee over at Saxbys… Read More

Hot Fuzz

Just got done with a small break, I finished up Hot Fuzz. This movie is pretty funny, You should check it out… Read More

Web App Wednesday – Internet Exploder

I know I’ve talked about this over and over, and if this subject is getting old to you than you can go ahead and move on. I won’t be hurt at all… Read More