2008 05

Back Home

Life at home with my parents is always so relaxing. Read More

In Auburn, Ca for a week

I’m in Auburn Ca for the next week, the weather is amazingly cooler than I expected. Read More

Some Random Facts about Portland

Some Random Facts about Portland Read More

No More Internet

So this is it, Im taking my comcast back from here on I’m going to have to rely on finding my internet from some one else. Read More

All My Boxes

Here they are, these are the boxes I sent to Brody today. Read More

As Intividuals

If who you are is reflective of what you’ve done and what you can do, than what you believe is probably being seen. Read More

Travel, Packing and Cleaning UpDate

How the hell do you get Bleach off of your hands??? Read More

In The Distance

This is a song I made a few years back. The recording is crappy, but I don’t care. It’s called “In The Distance” Read More

Web App Wednesday – MarsEdit

MarsEdit is a wonderful app for those who are comfortable looking at html Read More

Automatic doors

Automatic doors always make me feel like a jedi Read More