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What’s Your Ben&Jerry ???

Jenny and I both had a craving the other night. Ice Cream!!! My only problem is I’m actually allergic to Dairy so I’m not really supposed to have it. But!!! I figure what the heck and I get some now and then.

Here is what we saw…


BenJerrys-bananasplit.jpgI can’t be totally sure, but I think I’m going to have to go with a classic. Once again, I’m allergic to Dairy so I didn’t have much chocolate as a kid. So, Chocolate is out. I love strawberries and bananas so I would have to say the classic Banana Split is probably my favorite.

U.S. Treasury???

It’s always nice to see this in your bank account, I don’t even know why I got this. I’ve heard something about there being a chance I could get some extra money from the Government, but Im still not sure why.

04/30/08 – Electronic Deposit Us Treasury – $600.00

Any Ideas???

???Positive Post Tuesday???

hail-on-walkway.jpgI totally forgot yesterday that it was tuesday, I must have been totally distracted because i didn’t have internet. Everything is Comcast’s fault, because I dont forget thing…?

Course there was a lot to be distracted with yesterday. The weather here in portland has been a little crazy. It’s been off and on rain, sunny then cloudy, all with in a 10min span. We got a tone of hail yesterday, it was cool. Check it out.


It’s Comcast’s Fault

Jenny loves to watch House. I didn’t think much of it for a long time, but then we started to watch the older seasons. I got to like it so when it comes on we sit down and watch.


Thing is we missed it last night. It was a new one for the first time in a while and Jenny was all excited. Then we got home from the grocery store and the dang Comcast was busted. “What?” thats all she could say. So, we had to resort to Buffy season 5 and Angel season 2. (say what you want, you’ll get hooked too) So today when the Cable Guy fixed us up we went to download the last episode of House, but we were denied. Totally sucky. TvTorrents doesn’t seem to want to work right now. I guess there are too many people out there downloading House.

I guess we’ll just have to make due. At least the internet is back. whoo hoo!!!

The Gardens part 2


Sunday Jenny and I spent the day in the Selwood District of Portland. It’s a nice little area tucked away next to the river. Jenny found this Rhododendron Garden there and we figured we should go and check it out before we leave Portland.

If you’re interested in Portland there are a number of good little community areas that are very nice and feel kinda hidden. The Selwood District is one of them. (Right next to Reed College) It’s one of those areas that has a nice little downtown street with the shops and stores. It has a few cafes and a couple of pubs. You can park and walk to everything with in 15min. Also it’s right next to the Calackamas River, and some kinda amusement park. (which i havnt checked out yet)

While we were at the gardens I saw this tree that was crossing a creek so i had to walk out on it. When I got out there i found this little squirrel trying to get past me. It was the weirdest thing. I thought he would have turned and ran but he just sat there like I should get out of his way. So I turned around and let, but he did the same thing. So, I guess I may have pissed him off.