2008 03

Tennessee Itinerary

Over the next 2 months im packing up, giving away & minimizing my load of things to take to Tennessee. Yes, that’s right, it’s official, I’m moving. Perhaps i’ve said it before, but this is my official statement. Im Moving to Tennessee!!!┬áHere is my time frame: April: pack up, give away, and send off my Read More

Bug Zapper Givaway

This is my next item… he he he… this is a converted bug zapper. It makes for a great prank. (if you like mean ones) Trust me it’s fun. Let me know if you’re interested. (actually it probably cheaper to buy a bug zapper and make one than it is to send this anywhere) Read More

A little WP 2.5

I decided the other day to go ahead and go for it. I upgraded my WP to 2.5 even though it’s still a little raw. I thought that i would go ahead and get a feel for it so i could be up to par with what going to be the new WP standard. This Read More

Butterfly Cakes

Im not much on sweets and i dont each much in the way of cake an ice cream. Im alergic to chocolate so i just dont eat alot of things tat have to do with desserts. But if you know how to make these you could probably get me to do a lot of things Read More

Nintendo Give away

I know what some of you are thinking, im crazzzzy!!! well, yes… Thing is i’ve really only played with it a few time in the last 5yrs and its not going to be able to make the trip. I have to get rid of it, but thought i would open up the lines to see Read More

A talk about Blogging

I had a conversation with friend of mine today about blogging and what it does, how it works, who’s good at it, why i blog, why he blogs, and all types of thing about blogging. We really didnt come to any major conclusions or final answers, but we did help define our concept of why Read More

Pan attacks the carpet

I woke up this morning to hear this horrible scratching sound going along with one of the cats meowing off into the distance. I was too tired to get up so I just let it be. Turns out Pan was stuck in the office all night and was trying to dig himself out. Damn it!!!! Read More

New Iceberg??? 15mi long?

Here in Portland were getting a fairly radical storm coming through. It’s dropping a little bit of everything. I guess it has been since 2002 that the surrounding area has had snow in March. (dont quote me on that) Im always curious about the weather and what makes it work the way it does. I Read More

WordPress what?

Check this out. Its a little demo video by Matt Mullenweg. He’s showing off some cool new features. If you’re not WordPress some of these new features might interest you in moving. Read More

Positive Post Tuesday

So here it is, Tuesday again. I almost forgot. This week im going to talk about a friend of mine that ive known since i was 5yrs old. David Bellemy has been one of my best friends since i was a kid, and im not sure if i spelled his last name right. Dave and Read More