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Tennessee Itinerary

Over the next 2 months im packing up, giving away & minimizing my load of things to take to Tennessee. Yes, that’s right, it’s official, I’m moving. Perhaps i’ve said it before, but this is my official statement.

Im Moving to Tennessee!!! Here is my time frame:

  • April: pack up, give away, and send off my stuff.
  • May: Settle my debts to society in Portland. Thank my new friends in the Portland area, and gather addresses, emails, and phone#’s. Organize my digital world with multiple back up and mobilized web access. Bubble wrap my hard-drives, shred old documents, and organize all my paper files.
  • June: Get on a plain and fly to Ca, hang out with my parents, say “hi” to my friends, and enjoy Auburn one more time. Then → Get back on a plain and fly to Tn hang out with Brody and fam, check out the town, and get settled in a new place (which i still have to find)…

Over the last couple of days ive been posting some random items that i have, some are a joke and some are kinda cool. All the things i have are going away or are to be given away. Dont be bashful if you see something you like that im giving away, let me know and we’ll talk about what ever it is and how to get it too you. We’ll call it Randy’s small Givaway. I’d just like to thank Oprah for coming up with this tag line. I dont think i could have done it with out her. “your the best Oprah“.

There is more to come…

I dont know a thing about Tennessee or the towns around Nashville. If anyone has any good ideas I’d like to here them. Springhill is where im going to start, but im open to some ideas.

Bug Zapper Givaway

This is my next item… he he he… this is a converted bug zapper. It makes for a great prank. (if you like mean ones)

Trust me it’s fun. Let me know if you’re interested. (actually it probably cheaper to buy a bug zapper and make one than it is to send this anywhere)

A little WP 2.5

I decided the other day to go ahead and go for it. I upgraded my WP to 2.5 even though it’s still a little raw. I thought that i would go ahead and get a feel for it so i could be up to par with what going to be the new WP standard. This way i’ll know if i should be using it for my clients or waiting for a better version.

There are a few new features that i think everyone is going to love. The Add Media is absolutely great. They cut out the need for a couple of plugins and helped out with placement of multimedia objects. (im really not that big on putting video on here anyway, but it’s still nice to know there thinking about me.)

Here are a few screen captures to take a peak at.

Another great option that has been added is that there are now three options for putting an image into a post.

  1. Thumbnail
  2. Medium
  3. Full Size

What’s the big woop? well you can go to Setting / Miscellaneous and enter you sized for Thumbnail & Medium. You can still re-size it the way you’re used too. The actual big woop is the combination of these things when your uploading a huge image you dont have to scroll through you Post window to get to the corner. (again and again) – just another way to skin the cat –

ps – if you’re not a WP user thats nice, but ive used Blogger and its finiky and somewhat unreliable. The next time you get pissed off you should go check out WP. Im not telling you what to do, but do it anyway

Butterfly Cakes

Im not much on sweets and i dont each much in the way of cake an ice cream. Im alergic to chocolate so i just dont eat alot of things tat have to do with desserts.

But if you know how to make these you could probably get me to do a lot of things for you. I would probably mow your lawn or wash your car. You know, the simple things. Butterfly Cakes are the best, if you ever get a chance to eat one you should.


Nintendo Give away

I know what some of you are thinking, im crazzzzy!!! well, yes… Thing is i’ve really only played with it a few time in the last 5yrs and its not going to be able to make the trip. I have to get rid of it, but thought i would open up the lines to see if anyone wants it.

What you see is it, plus 4 more regular controllers and the necessary plugs to the TV and the wall. I got it about 5yrs ago, it was still in the box. It works good apart from the dust issues and if your game has corrosions than thats your fault.

Let me know if you’re interested, all we have to do is figure out how much it costs to send.


Here’s my top 5 Nintendo Games

  1. 1942 (or is it 1943, the good one)
  2. Tetris
  3. RC ProAM
  4. Zelda
  5. Mega Man 3

What was your favorite Nintendo Game?