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I upgraded

Yes thats right i upgraded, I finally did it. Its been about 7yrs since i bought a computer. Thats a long time in the computer world. If it was a dog it would make it around 50yrs old. Im totally exited because this thing is so fast im amazed, but some of the system operations are a little different and i some things have moved. Not much but sometimes it the little things that count. I’ll let you know later.

This isnt fair well, this is thanks for the hard work.


Look at that badboy, still standing with pride. Bullet proof. I never upgraded anything but the ram, and it still runs like new. Can your PC do that. This thing doesnt even have a dvd drive.

Groundhog Day

groundhog-day.jpgI saw this again for the millionth time yesterday. I just wanted everyone to know that this movie is in my top 10 of all time favorites. If i was stuck on an island and had to choose this would be one of them.

The only thing is I wouldn’t want to have to live the same day over and over if i was on the island because then I would never be able to get off.

VC v2.0


Here it is. I would have to say that on a grand scale its not that much different to look at but from the inside out i put alot of new tidbits in. Also I reworked the design for more control of content. (good for me)

My other goal here was to be able to work in some of my own personal style. I really like drawing stange things and taking images and mixing them up with other images. so I hope you get a kick out of what you might find. I kinda feel like this is my little playground so have fun.

Happy blogging!!!


No Brainer???

Yesterday I was pulled into the office at my work and asked one simple question. Very strait forward very honestly, “what would it take to keep you for another year?” I thought real quick $50k would be nice.

So, i quite possibly just turned down 45k to 50k for one year worth of Paving Roads to go to Tennessee where there are no promises, but alot of hope and oportunity.

Life is weird like that sometimes. Hopes and Dreams can easily outweigh your standard of living. I trust my instinks and I know im doing what i should, but this is definitely a leap of faith.

One thing Im not taking

An era in my life my have passed today, I wasnt happy to see it go, but I was happy not to be with it when it went.

I went to do my taxes today and I dont have a vehicle so i had a friend drop me off. I got in and realized i had forgot the papers for my student loan. So, i walked home and got what I needed and grabbed my skateboard and went back. I got back to the tax office and we realized that i didnt get the info i needed, but at that point i didnt care. I was looking at saving about $10 so I just said screw it, I paid my bill and I was off.

I hopped on my board and started down the road. I quickly realized that it had been along time since i had ridden so i was taking it easy. No jumping only riding, and i wasnt riding on the side of the road. Course not until I realized that i was being a woos and should do it anyway. So, being cool like i am I jumped on and started down the side of the road. Next thing i see is a car coming up to the side and getting ready to pull in front of me. (its getting dark out & im wearing black) So put my foot down to stop and there it is. Those little tiny rocks on the side of the road are the only things to help me stop. Didnt happen. I put my foot down, slid on the rocks and the board just took off leaving me and my ass to the street.

The damn thing went strait out into the street and just loomed there for a couple of seconds as I stood in complete awe of my stupidity. I couldnt move, I couldnt go get it, I couldnt yell at the car, So, i just stood there, mouth open, blank face, speechless and waited for it. SMASH!!! there it went, right in half, first car. SMASH!!! Second car, SMASH!!! Third car, over and over… I still had my headphones on with Muse blasting their ceremony to the death of my youth.

Its not the first time ive had to see that, but Im fairly sure its the last. Im just too old to buy a new skateboard and to cheap to buy a good one. I was mad…


After the traffic subsided I ran out into the street and quickly grabbed the board. I didnt even pick it up really. In my own true skater style I thew it as far as i could, right from the street. May it rest in peace in the bushes, and may some kid find it and use it for spare parts.