2008 02

I upgraded

Yes thats right i upgraded, I finally did it. Its been about 7yrs since i bought a computer. Thats a long time in the computer world. If it was a dog it would make it around 50yrs old. Im totally exited because this thing is so fast im amazed, but some of the system operations Read More

Groundhog Day

I saw this again for the millionth time yesterday. I just wanted everyone to know that this movie is in my top 10 of all time favorites. If i was stuck on an island and had to choose this would be one of them. The only thing is I wouldn’t want to have to live Read More

VC v2.0

Here it is. I would have to say that on a grand scale its not that much different to look at but from the inside out i put alot of new tidbits in. Also I reworked the design for more control of content. (good for me) My other goal here was to be able to Read More

No Brainer???

Yesterday I was pulled into the office at my work and asked one simple question. Very strait forward very honestly, “what would it take to keep you for another year?” I thought real quick $50k would be nice. So, i quite possibly just turned down 45k to 50k for one year worth of Paving Roads Read More

One thing Im not taking

An era in my life my have passed today, I wasnt happy to see it go, but I was happy not to be with it when it went. I went to do my taxes today and I dont have a vehicle so i had a friend drop me off. I got in and realized i Read More

What to take?

Ive been thinking about moving alot in the last few days, and i realize that i have accumulated a few things. I will definetly say that I dont really have that much. I could fit every thing i own into a small pickup truck, but should i? Im almost 30, I should have more stuff, Read More

Some thing New

Here is a little something for you all. Brody and I put this together last week. Hope you like it. Read More


There is soon to be a change around here. I’ve been putting my nose to grind stone and working around the clock. Ive even managed to get a little something for myself. Although Im trying to be patient and let the design come together I should be there in about a week. Read More

Goodby Saul

Im truly not sure where Saul is, but he has been missing for 4Days. I promise I wont try and demesticate any more animals I’ll leave them be, or help them to safety. Sorry Saul, I hope you made it off the balcony. Read More


This is Lyra, she was relaxing out side while we had lunch today. Jenny got a new camera for her trip to Britain and we tested it out with a few photos. Enjoy!!! Read More