2008 01

I like Portland

This is where I was all day. Right on the corner of NW Davis st & NW 21st AVE. It’s not really right downtown but its really close. doesnt my phone take the most amazing pictures? Read More

reading bloggs then work

Well I got up this morning around 4am (Pacific time) and thought, “what am i doing”…. its raining out side really bad and im supposed to go to downtown Portland and break out some sidewalk so some other guys can put the concrete back in. Well as you can see above it raining today. So, Read More


Some friends of mine came across this the other day. This one is a hard to to describe, but it’s kinda cool. If you’ve heard of it let me know what you think. The best i can describe it is that its a large community of people that are continually rating sites based on a Read More


Few No work today, I get to stay home and ?’work’? hmm,. well its better at home anyway. Monk and Neagle, have you heard of them? from what ive heard i like their sound. They’ve been on the board for about a week and it’s almost done. Read More


When we were kids I think we all wanted to do stuff, go places and help people. Crazy thing is there is a 10yrs girl out there who is trying. This morning I stumbled across Formula For Haiti. At first i thought how sweet, but then I thought about me at 10. Then I thought Read More

Blog Herald, Themes, Automattic

For the most part I dont read the news, maybe i should. The Blog Herald is at this point the only bit of new I’ve read in the the last week. (well there was the headline i read about some political crap) I dont like it when people have to use special words to explain Read More

you should at least ‘click’

You should go here and check this out. From what ive read so far I really like what there doing here. Here’s a quick snip from their page… We’re building these really cool eco-urban homes, and we decided that the homes in this community (which we’re calling Good) would equip villagers in Burkina Faso, West Read More

Functionality & ‘Mr. Mom’

So ive been out on the web this after looking for good add-ons and plugins for blogging. So far ive gotten into FeedBurner, Share This and Digg. Share This was the easiest one to get working. Digg seems to want to put a weird ‘; in my content, which is weird. And FeedBurner seems to Read More

Snow Balls!!!

Well the weather man was right and I was wrong. The storm came in, but im still going out to work. Days like today we go out to the mall and spread the rock that keeps people from crashing. (you know the stuff thats usually getting shot up all over you from the car ahead) Read More

I’ll admit, will you?

So I have to say this isn’t really a high point in my T.V. career, but im here to tell you, if your not careful you can get sucked into anything. (well I can) I’m willingly admit that I like to watch Anime, Robot Chicken, and Aqua teen hunger force. I’ll even watch star trek Read More