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reading bloggs then work


Well I got up this morning around 4am (Pacific time) and thought, “what am i doing”…. its raining out side really bad and im supposed to go to downtown Portland and break out some sidewalk so some other guys can put the concrete back in. Well as you can see above it raining today. So, that should make my day interesting. The only thing i have for the day are all your stories i went out and read this morning.

im not very fast when it comes to reading and when i can see a number of pages or post than im discoraged from the beginning. I did it anyway, and i didnt cheat. I just bumped up the font size in my browser to about 25 and then i could see the words from the back of the room. course there were only about 2 or 3 words per line.

Anyway, Im really glad to have had the chance to get to know all the reader i know. oops my ride is here later


Some friends of mine came across this the other day. This one is a hard to to describe, but it’s kinda cool. If you’ve heard of it let me know what you think. The best i can describe it is that its a large community of people that are continually rating sites based on a thumbs up or a thumbs down. (hens the thumbs up below)

As a member you can choose through a large selection of tags that have been used to categorize web sites. You can stumble your way through sites, you can search, or you can look at other users favorites.

I wouldnt consider this the best description of Stumble but I difinetly have to give it a huge thumbs up. This afternoon I stumbled through about 25 website in about 3 categories and saw a lot of really good sites. There were also a few crap ones.

Check it out I dont think you have to sign up to take a tour. I must say though if you get into it, there is a process to it. It can take a little time.



Few No work today, I get to stay home and ?’work’? hmm,. well its better at home anyway.

Monk and Neagle, have you heard of them? from what ive heard i like their sound. They’ve been on the board for about a week and it’s almost done.


haitirescuecenterkids.jpgWhen we were kids I think we all wanted to do stuff, go places and help people. Crazy thing is there is a 10yrs girl out there who is trying.

This morning I stumbled across Formula For Haiti. At first i thought how sweet, but then I thought about me at 10. Then I thought ‘well maybe a little encouragement could turn this how sweet into something real’. And now im thinking ‘maybe it already is’.

I think my confused point here is lets share some link love, and hope for the best of our future generation.