2007 12

Pillar of Memories

I woke up this morning thinking about all the people I saw this last week. I have so many memories and so many snapshots of people in my head. (like we all do) I think each one of my family members probably has an entire house worth of memories in my head somewhere. I was Read More


Well, I made it home. It was a clean sweep, i was in and out with no damages or complaints. I flew into portland and felt pretty good, it was raining though. (no big deal) I took the max all the way from PDX to Tigard. I’ve always wanted to try that. Some people really Read More

Christmas Vacation Day #5

Day 5 was another day of just sitting around and doing a lot of nothing. It was awsome. All the kids and everyone but me and my parents and one niece went to boreal for skiing. I didnt go because I didnt want to get hurt, maybe next time. From what I heard they all Read More

Christmas Vacation Day #4

Not much happened on day 4, I spent most of it sleeping. My usual sleep schedule has been tossed out the window and stepped on by the dogs, so taking a nap was the best thing I could have done. The thought of having my own kids has never really been a big ‘no’. Im Read More

Christmas Vacation Day #3

We had our present opening yesterday with all the nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents. It was a mad house of toys wrapping paper, toys in the air and laughing. I really like to see someone open a present when its something they really like. After presents and dessert the adults (the Read More

Christmas Vacation Day #2

Christmas day was much like other we have here, but we didnt open presents yet. We are waiting on my younger sister and her husband. (Joy & Brian) They’ll be down from Reno around 2 this afternoon. Basically we just had Christmas Dinner yesterday. It seems like were taking a whole day to do all Read More

Christmas Vacation day #1

I spent most of today with my cousin Jesse playing frisbee golf. We went to Condon Park in GrassValley, and then we had some lunch and went to the Auburn course. (where i proceeded to suck) We had a good time. It’s been along time since I played so it really wasnt that bad for Read More

Auburn, ca

Im heading back to Auburn for the next week to see Family and Friends. I probably visit about two or 3 times a year so its not a huge visit. One thing about going home for christmas at my parents house is the amount of family that are there. It will be fun, a little Read More

Christianity without Christ

I read two posts this morning. Bush – Still the reason for the Season? and Brody – Pray like you Mean it. Individually they don’t mention this topic, but after reading them and some of the comments the only thing that came to mind was “Christianity without Christ”. In the back of my head I Read More

I went ahead and did it

yesterday afternoon i had this thought of a new layout, and i just couldnt help myself. it was challenging and kinda fun. the only thing I feel needs current attention is my header image. I always find that to be the hardest thing to get just right. Im too freaking picky. Im really going to Read More