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Pillar of Memories

I woke up this morning thinking about all the people I saw this last week. I have so many memories and so many snapshots of people in my head. (like we all do) I think each one of my family members probably has an entire house worth of memories in my head somewhere. I was thinking about people I hadn’t seen in along time, and I was only getting a couple of memories. Then all of a sudden I had the image in my head of a Pillar that had a bunch of pictures on it and I could walk around it and look at the picture memories. (trust me this sounds cooler to me than when i actually think about it)

I just think it would be cool to have the ability to do that with our minds. Course I cant even keep my house organized for more than a day, and its right in front of me. I dont even know how my brain works, let alone keep it organized. But I do love the memories.


Well, I made it home. It was a clean sweep, i was in and out with no damages or complaints. I flew into portland and felt pretty good, it was raining though. (no big deal)

I took the max all the way from PDX to Tigard. I’ve always wanted to try that. Some people really dont like public transit but I think the light rain is really cool. I went strait through downtown and through the tunnel. I’ve heard that Portland is one of the top cities when it comes to Public transit and I’ll agree with that. If your ever in Portland you should try it out.

Christmas Vacation Day #5

Day 5 was another day of just sitting around and doing a lot of nothing. It was awsome.

All the kids and everyone but me and my parents and one niece went to boreal for skiing. I didnt go because I didnt want to get hurt, maybe next time. From what I heard they all got up there and then most of the kids just wanted to go home because they didnt want to take the class. In the end they just did it anyway and they all had a blast. Joel came out this morning pulling himself down the hallway, dragging his legs, because he said his legs hurt to baddly to walk. I laughed, he looked like a big worm making his way to the kitchen.

We had spegetti, played taboo (good game) and then hung out for a while. I was in bed for after a while. 10:30, im pansy.

Christmas Vacation Day #4

Not much happened on day 4, I spent most of it sleeping. My usual sleep schedule has been tossed out the window and stepped on by the dogs, so taking a nap was the best thing I could have done.

The thought of having my own kids has never really been a big ‘no’. Im good with kids and know i could handle the screaming and yelling. But!, handling the screaming and yelling is a developed skill that takes time. My skills are totally undeveloped, leaving me with the idea that when i was a kid I had to play outside all the time, no matter what. Im sure thats how it was, because I was never aloud to iritate my uncles or my parents or grandparents.

Yeah right.

My applause to those of you out there with young ones. Someday I’ll develop the ability to be able to talk on the phone with my insane boy standing next to me.

Christmas Vacation Day #3

We had our present opening yesterday with all the nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents. It was a mad house of toys wrapping paper, toys in the air and laughing. I really like to see someone open a present when its something they really like. After presents and dessert the adults (the older kids) all went down to the Foothills bowl and had some fun for about an hour. I may have broke a hundred, maybe a 104 i think.