2007 11

Fuel Cell

My only question is about Hydrogen. Where does it come from? (i know you can get hydrogen from water, but where do they get it for this car?) And, how much does it cost to fill up or get a new cell? I think its cool, but how long will it be before gas is Read More

hidding links

There is much I’ve been doing but little that most people would notice. Ive finally figured out how to completely alter this blog. So in the next couple of weeks there are going to be some changes. Not huge but you might find something silly. Read More

Medium Format – Yashica

I got this camera from Michael when I lived in Arcada about 2yrs ago. Ive been so wrapped up in digital for so long that I kinda took the old format for granted. I know digital has all the capabilities of most film cameras, but i think taking a photo you dont get to look Read More

Trip up – Seattle, Thanks Giving

Counting myself there were 4 animals in the car on the way up. Pan, Lyra and Snowy. Pan and Lyra didnt quiet know what to do at first so they just cralled all over the car for about half an hour, until i was completly covered in cat hair. Finaly they decided that it wasnt Read More

Thanks Giving and Birthdays

Were off to Washington!… We are going to Woodinville to see Jenny’s parents and her sister for the weekend. Jenny’s family is originally from Britan so they wouldn’t normally celebrate Thanks Giving, but were going to have turkey and all that good stuff on Saturday when we are all able to be in the same Read More

snapshot into 1-3-08

12pm Some of you may remember an old post that i made about 3mo ago. It was on an older blog that i was keeping. The title of the post was “Test of 2008”. I was making plans to try and wear the same clothes and everything for a whole year. (i dont mean 1 Read More

Sunday – 11/18

Yesterday, sunday, Jenny and I went to the Fanno Creek pathway and went for a walk in the rain. It was fun but I wasnt wearing the right shoes for the rain. The creek wasnt that impressive; next time were going to go to a different part of the creek. After the walk we went Read More

Brain Fry

HTML, CSS, code, crap. I always find it interesting how I really enjoy working on a good rich site. I like tearing apart a design and building it back again. Thing is every time i do this Im positive that i loose more brain cells than if I was to trip and fall face first Read More


This is Pan, he is about 5mo. old and is one of the coolest cats i know. His sister Lyra is cool too, but she is a little bit more anti-social. He likes to hang out and step on my keyboard while i work and paw at the cursor as it darts across the screen. Read More

Latest Project – Chuck Bowden

This site is a friend of mine. I did a lot of work for him when I worked in Arcata, ca. He has an absolutly gigantic archive of photos which I scanned about 25% of which was around 3 – 5 thousand. He is also an amazing artist; Drawings that are so detailed that they Read More